How big do giant danios grow?


Is the giant danio a good fish to put in a tank?

The Giant Danio is an excellent addition to a large community tank, especially if you’re already raising big fish. The Giant Danio is a gorgeous torpedo-shaped fish with a beautiful iridescent blue colouration that reflects a pale blue-green background as the fish swiftly changes direction.

How big do giant danios get?

How big do Giant Danios get? Giant Danios can grow to a maximum length of 10 to 15 cm, making them one of the largest species in the Danio family. How do you sex Giant Danios?

Can a giant danio kill a goldfish?

Don’t get scared by the ‘giant’ tag in their nomenclature; your goldfish will not get crushed by the giant danio which can only attain a maximum length of 11 cm in captivity – but you will need a relatively large tank to house them as cherish swimming about in a shoal.

What fish are bad for a goldfish tank?

At the same time, larger fish can also cause problems in a goldfish tank. I wouldn’t keep angelfish with goldfish, because your goldfish are likely to chase and harass them.

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Are giant danios friendly to goldfish?

More so, they are generally peaceful but be mindful of the fact that the giant danios may let some hell loose once they do not have their kind swimming around with them. If that’s sorted out, the goldfish won’t be disturbed one bit.

Can a goldfish live in a 20 gallon tank?

Goldfish are not meant to live in a 20 gallon tank. Comets require 100 gallons for a single fish. This probably lead to a buildup of ammonia and nitrite which poisoned and killed your fish. By washing the gravel you may have killed any beneficial bacteria and wiped out your nitrogen cycle.

Why is my goldfish eating my other fish?

So, if you have a big goldfish in the tank the rest small tank mates have become a potential snack. And by nature goldfish are always hungry. Although they are not that mean, once they see anything that is eatable they will swallow it including the smaller fish.

Is salt bad for goldfish?

Salt can be used in many ways to enhance the health and vigor of your fish; by reducing stress, increasing slime coat, destroying harmful bacteria and parasites. Goldfish or Koi on the brink of death have been revived from a salt bath or dip. Although salt has great value to the fish keeper, it also can be lethal to fish, so use it cautiously.

Can danios live with goldfish?

Zebra Danios are tiny, wondrous, and speedy fish that can, with ease, tolerate the goldfish’s temperature range. With an average length of 2 inches, these fish are small enough for an adult goldfish to consume them.

How many goldfish can you put in a 30 gallon tank?

Fancy goldfish require more space so you would fit 2 fancy goldfish in a 30 gallon tank or a 20 gallon tank but we don’t recommend that for the long term. Fish love their space and space is one of the foundations to a happy fish. What breeds of goldfish can I own?

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Is salt bad for aquarium fish?

He has used pounds and pounds of table salt in his years of aquarium keeping with no ill-effects, it seems to be a pretty controversial. Aquarium fish retain the environmental adaptations and needs of their ancestors.

Is salt bad for koi and goldfish?

A goldfish or Koi exposed to concentrated levels for too long of a time period could develop extreme sensitivity to the saline, having little or no tolerance for even low levels Salt can be used in many ways to enhance the health and vigor of your fish; by reducing stress, increasing slime coat, destroying harmful bacteria and parasites.

What happens when a goldfish is in salt water?

Tiny amounts of salt are continuously exiting the goldfish’s body into the water, and the fish is continuously reabsorbing small quantities of salt back into its cells from the water. When your goldfish is experiencing stress, it will lose electrolytes, which can cause serious health issues for your goldfish.

Can you use table salt on goldfish?

Table salt contains iodine & anti-caking chemicals which are even worse for fish than iodine. Salt should be respected as a medicine. Continous use of salt causes permanent kidney damage & metabolic disorders. Goldfish are ‘freshwater’ fish not saltwater fish.

Can zebra danios live with goldfish?

Zebra danios are relatively faster swimmers and will beat the goldfish for pace – so you can take that the zebra danio’s survival instinct [when up against a ‘bloodthirsty’ goldfish]. Zebra danios can survive in varying tank conditions as they are a thorough breed.

How many platy fish in a 30 gallon tank?

Platies can grow to around 3 inches in size, and following the general rule, this means that each platy should have 3 gallons of tank size. Therefore, in a 30 gallon tank, you could fit up to 10 platies. These fish like very warm waters, low currents, a lot of vegetation, and somewhat basic and hard water.

What should you not put in a saltwater aquarium?

When Not to Use Salt Live plants: If you live plants in your aquarium, avoid using salt. Scaleless fish: Scaleless fish, particularly Corydoras, are very sensitive to salt.

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Is it bad for fish to eat too much salt?

Just like a human eating a lot of salty food once every few weeks is not terrible. Naturally, like most substances, a too high level is harmful or even lethal even with short exposure – most freshwater fish will not survive more than a few hours in marine conditions, never mind feel “comfortable”.

What are the disadvantages of salt in aquariums?

However, the reason why we typically recommend our trio of medications to beginners is because different kinds of fish have different tolerance levels to salt, and it can be hard to figure out and remember the correct dosage for each species. Another disadvantage is that salt cannot be used with most live plants and snails.

Is aquarium salt safe for fish?

However, some microorganisms can withstand higher salinity, which is why salt is not a 100% bulletproof solution. Through the power of osmosis, aquarium salt is able to eliminate many pathogens and parasites on fish. Should I Use Salt All the Time?

Can too much salt kill koi fish?

The proper amount of salt in the pond allows for a healthy slime coat to be formed on the fish’s scales. This slime coat protects the fish from parasites as well as bacteria that could be harmful. However, since Koi are fresh water fish, to much salt could kill them.

What kind of salt is good for koi fish?

Adding pond salt will help boost your koi’s natural defences to disease and add beneficial electrolytes to the water. Non-iodized salt, Sodium Chloride (NaCl) is commonly used in the health care and maintenance of fishes, especially Koi and goldfish.

Is a koi fish a saltwater fish?

Starting from scratch: A koi is NOT a saltwater fish. Salt is a traditional method used by breeders when there were still not special products for certain diseases. Due to this fact, there are bacteria that are already immune to salt treatment.