How accurate are morning line odds?


Should you take the odds on offer when betting on horses?

There have to be occasions when, although the odds may not be ideal, you are so sure the horse in question will win that you bet. Let the odds on offer be the last thing you consider. If you take them as your first point of reference, the bookmaker is dictating your betting patterns. That is a situation that suits the bookmaking fraternity.

How to increase Stakes in horse racing betting?

Targeting shorter priced-horses: When betting on those short-priced horses, some bettors like to raise their stakes. Although the return on these types of bets might be low, it thus saves their bankroll from crashing down overnight. This strategy is mostly adopted by those bettors that are low on cash.

How much should I stake on each bet?

I think that most people who are serious about their betting either bet to level stakes where you place the same amount of money on every selection, or work to a percentage of the bank and stake for example, 2% of your current bank on each bet.

Is there a free horse racing system?

This free horse racing system can be used with any selection process and can be used with horses that are short prices as well as big prices too. So may horses come close to winning but don’t actually come first in their races.

Can You bet on horses at horse races?

At many horse races, there is a gambling station, where gamblers can stake money on a horse. Gambling on horses is prohibited at some tracks; Springdale Race Course, home of the nationally renowned TD Bank Carolina Cup and Colonial Cup Steeplechase in Camden, South Carolina, is known as one of the tracks where betting is illegal, due to a 1951 law.

What is a staking plan?

This system involves backing favorites. But it is done with a set procedure and it is the Staking Plan that is the key to making it successful. Knowing when to bet and how much to invest is crucial to making this plan work effectively. Our plan involves betting on the favorites – for a Place only, but in a spacific order.

What drives your stake on a horse race?

Confidence level and the number of unreliable form variables in a particular race are a few examples of criteria that punters use to drive their stake on any particular bet. A significant number of punters bet on more than one horse in a race using a multiple-bet staking approach.

Why is staking important when betting on horses?

When betting on horses one of the most important parts of any strategy is your staking or your staking plan. It is all very well being able to pick a number of winners but if your staking is all over the place then you could be actually losing when you should be winning.

Are there any free horse racing betting systems?

Here is a collection of free racing systems that have either been sent, come across, or found. Some of the systems found have originated overseas and have been adapted to Australian horse racing conditions. Unless otherwise stated, bet level stakes for the win on each selection. 1.

How to lay favourites in horse racing?

Lay favourites in running by identifying favourites that have lost at short odds before Back a horse pre-race who’s price you think will drop in running and placing a lay bet at half the odds and double the stake to double your winnings or lose all if not matched (also called DOBBING meaning double or bust)

What is 6 point staking plan?

6 Point Staking Plan. Whether it is Horses, Dogs, or Sports. If You bet evens (2.00) or 10/1 (11.00) average adds. Now in Online Software and Spreadsheet. Dutch Deluxe in a software that has 3 different dutching options. All options, allows you to make saver bets, if you wish to act like an insurance bets.

Can You bet on horse racing by studying the form?

The sport of horse racing is one where there are very few shortcuts from a betting perspective. Sure, the way the market is shaping up on a big race gives you a basic guide, but the simple fact is there is no substitute for knowing and studying the form for yourself.

How do I choose the best horse racing betting system?

The best horse racing system for you depends on how you like to bet. It may prove useful to keep an open mind while you try out different techniques. A horse racing betting system that works is one that makes money from your gambling. Once you find a system you like, there is no harm in refining your approach further.

What should I consider when creating a staking plan?

Here’s some of the key considerations when creating a staking plan. Professional punters will use a staking plan which is consistent with their appetite for risk. The more risk adverse punter will establish a bank and stake each bet at a fraction of the bank balance.

How do I stake my money on a horse?

You could simply select an arbitrary sum of money, and place this amount on every horse. This is known as Level Stakes Profit, (LSP). Whilst this is a very popular method – and very simple, it does not either maximise profit, or minimise risk. We monitor all our staking plans daily, and allow you to choose which is best for you.

What is a long term staking plan?

The key phrase in the last sentence is ‘long term’. Each bet is part of the bigger picture and the stake for an individual bet should not have an impact on your psyche, or bankroll. A staking plan is, essentially, a method to determine how much money should go on each bet.

How do you bet on multiple horses in horse racing?

A significant number of punters bet on more than one horse in a race using a multiple-bet staking approach. Punters adopting this approach usually apply a betting system to find their top three or four chances in a race.

Do I need A staking plan and a betting bank?

The horses you bet on are obviously essential and is the main foundation of my service ( you should request a free trial if you have not already had one ). However, it is also important to have a staking plan and betting bank. The important part here is what are you trying to achieve when you bet?

Why do people fail at horse racing betting?

Though few mock-up trading will give you the much-required practice sessions, most of the punters fail because they continue this for too long. This is quite a common phenomenon in the world of free horse racing systems that work where, once a system achieves around 45% strike rate with 35% profit, the bettors don’t jump onto it.

How to become a good horse racing bettor?

It’s essential for beginner horse race bettors, as well as experienced punters, to study guides and strategies on a consistent basis. You want to stay in the loop on new techniques suitable for the current racing field. The bonus would be finding the best horse racing system for free.

What does laying the favourite mean in betting?

Laying the favourite. Laying the favourite involves betting that the favourite in a race or competition won’t win. In sports betting, to lay the favourite means to bet against the favourite in a race or competition.

How do you select your bets in horse racing?

Maybe your methods for selecting your bets involves backing the selections of a profitable tipster (or tipsters), maybe you find your selections using a betting system that you’ve created and back tested or maybe you have chosen to specialise in a specific area of horse racing and have gotten pretty good at finding decent bets for yourself.

Should you level Stake your horse bets?

Laying a horse at 33/1 for instance to win 10 points would involve a liability of 330 points and brings back the variance problems of level staking. You are in fact laying bets to someone who is using level staking against you, which will of course mean huge swings in your bankroll.

What is value staking?

This is where we need to find the VALUE for our selections. To make a long term profit we need to find value. This is a staking plan that allows you to work out how much to put on when your selection is paying more than your rated price. If you can’t get a price at more than your rated price you can still back it but that is your call.