Switching From Plastic to Glass

plasticbottleI noticed a growing drawer of plastic bins, bowls, and lids. Im not sure where they came from. Various sour cream, butter dishes, and what not. I used to use them to store food in from leftovers. While they are food grade, Im not so sure how long term use and microwavable they are.

I have re purposed the plastic bowl to plants for repotting while they are waiting to be put outside. They have been replaced in the kitchen with Mason and Kerr canning jars.

I use the jars like I would use bowls and lidded cups. Its also easy to see what it is inside it without opening it. They dont melt, warp, or release toxic chemicals in the microwave either. A dozen glass jars range about 8 dollars depending on where you go and what size.

Glass jars are easily washable and dont generally stain or hold smells. They are recycle friendly and dont release toxic waste when breaking down.

Glass canning jars do however tend to break if you drop them. You should inspect them regularly for chips, cracks, or imperfections. I grew up with glass canning jars and we never had a problem other than the occasional drop on the floor. Never use a chipped or broken jar. Never eat from a glass jar that is chipped or broken. Baby bottles were made from glass until the BPA bottles replaced them in the mid to late 70s or so.

In our kitchen they have replaced plastic bins as well as plastic storage bags (which bags are one use). Many are freezer safe. And they go from freezer to microwave as well. Just remember to take off the metal lids and rings.

Glass canning jars are convenient, are stable and dont leech, and economical. Consider giving them a try to replace your plastic in the kitchen.

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  1. FritzVonFritz says:

    I use canning jars for storage for things like pasta and rice, like you said, you can see what’s left in the jar. But we primarily use them as drinkware. I call them “one-trippers” because you don’t have to make several trips refilling your water or iced tea. Like you said, they are pretty cheap and if you break one (which they don’t easily do) you can replace them cheaply. They have hundreds of uses. I store screws, nails, etc in them as they tend not to rust. I don’t can things, but I like making pickled eggs and pickled sausages and they will keep up to 8 months in the refrigerator. All in all they come in handy. I like them much better than plastic containers.

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