Reducing your snail mail

Your snail mail can be greatly reduced with a few simple steps. It may not sound like a lot but over time it adds up. Imagine if everyone reduced their junk mail and unnecessary mail. All those people saving resources from trees would quickly begin to make a huge difference. I wouldn’t want to store one years worth of junk mail. It would be a massive pile. A massive pile derived from trees necessarily cut and paper recycled used wastefully.

The post office probably loves junk mail. Their business is junk mail among our billing statements and second hand dog sweater catalogs. Think about all that useless mail that is trucked here and there burning oil and electricity. Needless waste of resources for something most people aren’t interested in anyway.

Luckily the FTC, the Federal Trade Commitee, ha programs in store to opt out of mail marketing for a period of five years or permanently. Unfortunately not everyone subscribes to the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Mail Preference Service (MPS). When you register you are added to a list that should reduce a large part of your junk mail. the FTC ha a website that can direct you.

Almost everything you buy in the modern market attracts direct marketing. Th club card at your grocery store, your product registration card in your new toaster, and magazine subscriptions often are for direct marketing. If you gave registered with the DMA you should cut most of it out. Those that it didn’t cut out should be able to be removed by looking for the distributor and telling them to remove you from their list.

When you buy a home you are being added to a list for per screened credit offers and refinancing junk. If I want to refinance I’m certainly not going to blindly use some junk mail sending company, I’d rather use a more reputable credit union. You can contact (888) 5OPTOUT (888-567-8688) and it is a single number that you can call to opt-out of Innovis and the three major credit bureaus. This should help with credit card offers and the likes.

Filling out a change of address through your local post office is a sure way to guarantee junk mail finds you as well. With our change of address we got coupons from the hardware store for a 10 percent discount for our new move. If they were not connected to the change of address form I’d be really surprised.

The shopping club cards that you sign up for to get deep grocery and shopping discounts comes at a privacy price. These cards often assimilate information about your shopping habits. This information is important to know what products sell together in the same sale and to see how your demographic shops. This is also great information worthy of selling your address to a mailing list.

The song Jenny/8675309 by Tommy Tutone has became a popular phone number to use for shopping club cards. In fact if you don’t have a card try using that phone number and it works often. Save your phone number for friends and family instead. Of telemarketers.

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