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Author Topic: Ideas for raised beds on the cheap!
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Post Ideas for raised beds on the cheap!
on: November 30, 2011, 20:02

Found a great idea for a raised garden on the low cost!...
These bags are used to deliver sand/gravel from the yards... Wonder what they cost but I'm guessing pretty low.

Used pipe crates are often free for pickup outside of companies that have a lot of large pipes delivered. I know of 2 places within 15miles of my home. Crates are often 2' x 2' x 10'+ I've seen up to 30'!

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Post Re: Ideas for raised beds on the cheap!
on: January 19, 2012, 10:01

They would be good liners if nothing else.

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  1. I read some folks hatched Trader Jo’s Fertile eggs!
    I saw some fertile brown chicken eggs at Uwajimaya yesterday for $4.99/dz.
    Very tempted.
    All of my last batch of Costco’s Organic eggs were also fertile.
    Some of the Egglands Best also that way. Hmmmm
    Maybe it is a Spring thing??? Fertile eggs everywhere except for in my duck’s nest.
    She went broody over 2 blue easter eggs…hahaha
    But that would be an inexpensive way to hatch some eggs.

  2. mikeh88 says:

    i got 6 buff orps and 5 production reds…

  3. Mrsfoote says:

    I have :
    3 Blue Laced Red wyandotte chicks
    1 silver laced wyandotte hen
    1 colombian wyandotte
    1 welsummer hen
    1 blue giant cochin hen (SQ)

    1 black silkie roo
    1 buff laced polish

    4 show girls
    7 silkies
    3 Olive Eggers
    1 dark brahma
    1 dark brahma bantam (roo)
    1 cuckoo maran
    1 Lav Oprington