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Author Topic: Is broodiness contagious?
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Post Is broodiness contagious?
on: April 30, 2012, 19:37

I've heard tell that broodiness is contagious in chickens...but didn't give it much thought. Until one of our runty Polish half-breeds grumpily selected a nest and claimed it as her own. Now I have 4 squawky poofy-as- popcorn hens inhabiting 3 egg boxes and the one emergency cardboard box. :/ I drag two hens out each day since I NEED those egg nests! Ah well- at least the other birds can squeeze in alongside. :)

Thankfully I have Tupperware boxes for the currently law-abiding hens who are still willing to bequeath us their eggs. :P

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Post Re: Is broodiness contagious?
on: May 1, 2012, 17:40

I never much thought about that lol. Chickens tend to do things solely because other birds are doing something so they all start ding it or pecking at it. Im not sure about any tests that have been conducted scientifically.

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Post Re: Is broodiness contagious?
on: May 3, 2012, 18:28

Have you ever seen a chicken pecking at an egg....argh. *Rhetorical Question.* I think even our one rooster is doing it. Like they aren't surrounded by happy fresh
green grass! I guess it's about time to cull some of our biddies. *Sinister thoughts.*

They're in their third year anyway...maybe more Americaunas are in order. :)

I guess it's springtime anyway... time for all those maternal instincts to turn on in a a bird's relatively vacant brain.

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  • I read some folks hatched Trader Jo’s Fertile eggs!
    I saw some fertile brown chicken eggs at Uwajimaya yesterday for $4.99/dz.
    Very tempted.
    All of my last batch of Costco’s Organic eggs were also fertile.
    Some of the Egglands Best also that way. Hmmmm
    Maybe it is a Spring thing??? Fertile eggs everywhere except for in my duck’s nest.
    She went broody over 2 blue easter eggs…hahaha
    But that would be an inexpensive way to hatch some eggs.

  • mikeh88 says:

    i got 6 buff orps and 5 production reds…

  • Mrsfoote says:

    I have :
    3 Blue Laced Red wyandotte chicks
    1 silver laced wyandotte hen
    1 colombian wyandotte
    1 welsummer hen
    1 blue giant cochin hen (SQ)

    1 black silkie roo
    1 buff laced polish

    4 show girls
    7 silkies
    3 Olive Eggers
    1 dark brahma
    1 dark brahma bantam (roo)
    1 cuckoo maran
    1 Lav Oprington

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