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Author Topic: Emergency Supplies to Have Around the House
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Post Emergency Supplies to Have Around the House
on: April 9, 2011, 20:08

Ok so several people have asked what they should have around the house for normal everyday needs. I also was asked what would be needed around the house in case something like what happened in Japan or Haiti. Of course we cant have everything, but some basic supplies could potentially come in handy.

What are some everyday supplies we should have for first aid around the house.

What are some emergency supplies in case of a local accident or disaster?

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Post Re: Emergency Supplies to Have Around the House
on: April 9, 2011, 20:24

Speaking more of the case of an emergency/disaster:

First, some bottled water...if you don't have a well and the common water supply becomes contaminated or inaccessible, you will appreciate a little H2o.

A month's supply of food, canned goods or dry goods, not just frozen goods, makes sense, should the power supply be shut off and the food supply network be broken.

First aid:1.Band-aids (all sizes: regular, fingertip, knuckle, mini, pad)
2. Wound dressings, gauze (esp the self-stick stuff) and tape (optional if you have self stick
3.Some sort of antiseptic (we use rubbing alcohol/ hydrogen may prefer iodine or else)
4.Antibiotic ointment for wounds
5.. Ibuprofen/ Tylenol

For general emergencies, I think of flashlights. If the power goes out you will want some light source. A heat source would come in handy too, at least during the winter months.

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Post Re: Emergency Supplies to Have Around the House
on: April 9, 2011, 21:06

Off the top of my head.....lets see

Id start with a hand crank emergency radio. The ones where you turn the dial to generate electricity. They are always a sound investment. Most are pretty small so they are highly portable. Same with a flashlight that doesn't need batteries. Some are crank style, others Ive seen you shake and make electricity. Great investments because batteries go dead from use, or they expire and slowly lose their charge.

I would keep a few butane lighters. They burn hot, and are pretty much windproof. I have a few in the house and 1 in each vehicles glove box just in case.

Id get some emergency blankets. They hold heat in well, and can double for any number of things like to collect rain water, keep you dry in a storm, etc. Wool is great, but it can get bulky.

Id have a means of purifying water. Small water purifier kit that is hand operated. Remember your probably going to be without electricity so don't depend on the ability to plug in anything.

Speaking of that, get a can opener. In fact get 2. Never ever be without a hand crank can opener.

Candles. Don't have to get crazy but the longer lasting the better. Some very basic super easy meals like Ramen, or something to that effect. Something that if you need it you can just add water to and eat. Hots always better but Ive eaten cold Ramen before. And when your in that situation trust me it tasted heavenly. I like it too because its very inexpensive to get and keep on hand just in case.

Duct tape is another thing its got a zillion uses. Id also have a list of any medications including their dose and how often taken, and allergies anybody in your household is on. So when rescued if you need a medication then its easy to get you back on it.

Most first aid kits are pretty well stocked. Go get a good one and keep it on hand. Keep your supplies together in a rubbermaid container. Something easy to get your hands on but big enough so it has everything your gonna need.

This is just a basic list I could come up with. Ill revisit this and Im sure Ill make a few other suggestions.

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Post Re: Emergency Supplies to Have Around the House
on: April 10, 2011, 05:17

We, have started dehydrating foods for storage purposes. We have also purchased a hand crank grain mill and are learning to bake bread on open fires.

Speaking of fires do you have a means to start a fire withe damp wood? Do you have matches that are water proof? Lighters are great but how long will the last? I water proof my own matches, much cheaper than buying them. We tried dryer lint as a starter the other day on some dry wood. It works great!

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Post Re: Emergency Supplies to Have Around the House
on: April 10, 2011, 07:48

Most padding materials are highly flammable so anything will do. Rip open the padding on your cars seats, or the lining of a pillow or extra cushion. Those are not fumes you want to breathe but they will light fast and easy, then you build and maintain the fire from there. You can also use those materials to maintain a very hot fire so you can dry materials from there so they will hopefully burn and not just smolder. Any of the fibrous plastics or the foam will burn VERY hot but they do burn quickly thats the only downside of them. But they make a great fire starter in a pinch.

Lighters are a stop gap measures meant to protect me few a few days or if I expect to be longer I will try to not let my fire go out.

Biggest things are staying dry, (which will help you stay warm) and staying nourished/hydrated. If you can stay warm and dry your not shivering burning calories to stay warm.

Most of these steps are just meant to keep you alive, and as well as you can be given the circumstances till help can get to you. Dried foods are good but again you need access. Or if you have to be mobile in a hurry (like with a tsunami) you can grab your essentials bin, and get you and your family in your vehicle to get to a safer area.

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