Saving money on food

With the economy in the down swing people are looking for ways to save money. Many people start with cutting out going out to eat. Lots of gym memberships get put on hold, and people stop driving quite so much. There’re many great ways to save money.

One great way to start saving more money is to begin buying your food in staple bulk. Single ingredient meals are much more healthy than frozen dinners containing lots of preservatives artificial flavors and artificial coloring. It is also a lot cheaper.

Family of four can go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant and expect to spend $40. Chicken burritos with refried beans and Mexican rice on the side should be a safe example for most families. You can interchange that with tacos or quesadillas, even fajitas.

At home you can prepare that similar meal for about $15-$18. Buying tortillas nachos, cheese, chicken, and salsa. A small bag of rice and a couple cans of refried beans. Cilantro, onion, avocados, and a few spices as well.

Now take that same prepared at home meal and make it from staple ingredients. Masa is nixtamalized corn ground into a flour which is used to make tamales, tortillas, and a multitude of other flat breads. Dried beans are very inexpensive compared to pre-cooked and canned refried beans. A bolt bag of rice has the potential to last for 20 years if stored properly and can be used in a wide variety of meals. Cooking this meal would cost about eight dollars when made from simple ingredients bought in bulk and cooked at home.

This is just one example of a particular genre of food. You can buy in bulk and prepare all types of different food for a while variety of meals at home. You don’t have to eat Mexican food every night, you can switch it up with what you might normally cook at home. Your imagination is the limit.

When cooking at home with staple ingredients you can more closely monitor how much sugar you use to make certain dishes. You can also leave out salt and other ingredients and cater very closely to a diet that might otherwise limit you from dining out or eating prepackaged frozen food. It is more healthy, it is cheaper, and you are learning to be more self-sufficient.

Staple ingredients bought in bulk can be stored in various ways. We use the square deli buckets to store beans, rice, sugar, masa, barley flour, wheat flour, and other similar items. They can be stored in food grade 5 gallon buckets as well. Food grade buckets can be picked up at many delis for one or two dollars each. There is no need to send these buckets to the landfill when they can be reused and repurposed.

They must have been used only for food grade purposes and be made from HDPE. If it doesn’t say 2 then it won’t do. There are many other ways to store food for short term use and long-term storage. We will discuss other storage options in another article.

Buying in bulk in staple single ingredients is a great way to begin cooking. It is much cheaper, it is much healthier, and you’re not supporting an industry that is trying to get us more dependent on convenience based food that is not always a healthy option. Save some money and get more health points with cooking at home with simple ingredients. We don’t need to add cellulose and silica to our food to make it more palatable because we are starting out with real food to begin with.

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