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Food Storage Supply

 If you hear the term food storage you may not think of a shelf full of extra food just in case something happens.  Most people associate that with the stockpiling of food that is enough to feed a family of four for a few years.  It doesn’t have to be a large amount of food.  However a family should have enough stored food to last at least a couple weeks.

Just like money, you should have some extra food on hand.  You never know if something may happen.  Maybe your car breaks down or you need to loan it out and can’t get to the store easily.  Losing your job is another good reason to have some extra food on hand (in this economy unfortunately it isn’t unheard of).  In the winter some areas are prone to power outages which can make it difficult to find a grocery store, especially if the roads are icy.

To store extra food you don’t need to have 50lb bags of wheat stacked up, thousands of MREs from the Army Navy Surplus store,  or a root cellar dedicated to food storage.  You also don’t need to buy it all at one time.

You can gradually build extra food by buying an extra can of vegetables or a pack of ground meat.  Canned food lasts the longest, with frozen coming in second.  Long term storage may not be your goal so you don’t have to worry about special storage procedures.

An extra box of oatmeal or an extra bag of coffee can be easily rotated in your pantry as you replace the one you are using.  Simply bring the extra up and replace it with the new one behind it.  The majority of packaged food can be treated this way and will store for several weeks or months.

Buying several packages while they are on sale is a good way to save a few extra dollars here and there.  Many people get into food storage because it is cheaper to buy a month or two supply of something because it is on sale and save from the regular price.

When buying some items they made need special storage or need to be vacuum packed.  There are specialty vacuum pack models that for on the counter.  The problem with these is that they use proprietary bags that are expensive.  I myself use a Sorbent Systems VS280 snorkel vaccum model.  It uses mylar or plastic bags that need no special brand and regular mylar food bags work.  They cost about the same as ziplock bags, perhaps cheaper when buying in bulk.  You can reseal bags also.

Another option is freezing in canning jars.  There are jars specifically produced for storing liquids in the freezer.  Most are tapered to the top and are wide-mouth.  There are some guidelines to abide by like not overfilling them.

Overall having an extra food bank stored can be more convenient, save money by buying more on sale items and extra trips to the store, and help prepare you in case something happens that is beyond your control.

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