Eat More Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables have been falling out of favor on our dinner plates in the last 20 or 30 years. Fruits are easier to eat consistently. It is harder to keep vegetables on your rotating menu. Broccoli and spinach are not really bursting with flavor to most people. Adding vegetables to your diet can fight fatigue, and a great many have health boosting benefits.

The vegetables you like might have to be in season. After that you have to be able to cook it. Cooking a steak or a hamburger patty is easy. Throwing a rutabaga in a frying pan and searing it will not be quite as tasty in my experience. It takes some practice and willpower to make sure you get a variety of vegetables in your diet.

A major problem with consuming vegetables is learning how to cook them, or better yet making yourself cook them. Brussel sprouts might seem like good idea but implementing it into a tasty side dish is another matter.

To make the best dishes an assortment of recipes to choose from. I never realised how hard it was to cook vegetables before I bought a handful of cookbooks. We put very little thought into cooking vegetables. We peruse all sorts of catalogues and websites but put such little time into piecing vegetables into our diets.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables raw reduces energy needed for cooking. There are quite a few palatable choices for consuming raw vegetables and fruit. Obviously the fruit part is easy enough, there’s a plethora of juicy tidbits to accompany our taste buds. Veggies is where the dichotomy lays. They’re healthy, but they don’t taste like strawberries. Don’t fret terribly but you can look forward to cucumber slices lightly salted, if that suits your palate. Perhaps you might prefer carrot slices or jicama.

Eating vegetables from a can or a jar from the grocers shelves is an easy way to enjoy the benefits of vegetables. However many canned goods have reduced nutritional value because it is processed. Not all canned or jarred fruits and vegetables are lowered nutritionally. Canned and jarred food usually has excess sodium or some sugar additives. Fresh fruit is hard to beat nutritionally and healthwise.

How you cook your vegetables can also save antioxidants. Long cooking times generally lower nutrition but the most important thing is eating vegetables in the first place. Try to eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible. For those that need cooking try to cook in as short time as needed. Eating and enjoying your vegetables is the most important though.

It is hard for us to implement vegetables in every meal. There is a round of things we like to eat but we try to find new ones. Seasonal items ar great and are usually more affordable. Salads as often as we can, coupled with fruits and a variety of vegetables helps us not get tired of the same thing all time. Experiment to find what you like and enjoy as much a variety as you can. Variety is the spice of life.

Benjamin Shores

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