Bugs Inside

I use Drosera to control flies in the kitchen.  Right on the windowsill over the sink seems to be the best place for it.  I dont worry about it falling into the sink.  It kills any flies that touches it, and I dont have to worry about them dying in my potato salad.

Drosera multifida extrema is a carnivorous plant.  The others are numerous.  The most common is likely the Venus Fly Trap.  I have that one too, but it doesnt sit ony the windowsill in the kitchen grabbing those pesky little flies that love moisture and fruit, or better yet the compost/yardwaste bin.

The plant has a sticky substance that once attracted, draws the bugs toward only to be stuck to it like glue.  Tiny hairs produce this sticky trap and it is absorbed and eaten.

Many little experiments like the jar with a banana inside with plastic wrap over it did not work as well as hoped for.  Sure it drew more flies, but it didnt catch more.

Many carnivorous plants are cold hardy, like moist to almost wet soil, and are generally easy to keep in a sunny windowsill.  It’s not likely that they will try to attack you or show up in your bloodstream later.

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