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Please consider making a donation to help keep the DIYSeattle website, forums, and chat running. The chat feature is the most resource intensive part of the website and uses teh most amount of bandwidth making it an expensive feature to run as it necessitates a higher level of hosting. Thank you for your consideration in helping maintain the site.

(1) FAMILY FRIENDLY – Keep it family friendly and all ages appropriate. Do not discuss private matters, if you must use the PM feature. There are all ages on the forum and chat.
(2) PLAY NICE – No obscenities, flaming, or indecent topics. treat each other with respect. Dont argue or create something to argue about.
(3) Discussions are fine. Heated debates are not. Politics and religion are two issues that people rarely ever agree on. Please dont start political and religious debates, or any other debates that continue in circles or get heated. I am not pointing out religion and politics, but those are the two most debated subjects. If you want to debate topics do so in a PM and not in the general forum. Arguing over topics doesn’t get anywhere.
(4) Any posts entered into chat can be posted in the public forums. By using the chat feature, you are consenting to having your potential posts copied and pasted in the forum. If you object to having your posts in the general chat copied and posted in the forums to contribute to informational threads, then please refrain from using chat.
(5) If a topic is uncomfortable for you or you find it objectionable, ask the parties in that discussion to change topics. If they do not, then contact a moderator to discuss the issue with. If there is no mod on at the time that you can talk to about it, wait for a mod or email us at the site using the contact.
(6) New rules may be added at will.
(7) Anything you post on the DIYSeattle becomes the property of DIYSeattle site may be used without your permission in the forum or in the chat for educational uses.
(8) NO Spamming Chat.

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