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Why buy a leopard gecko from a breeder?

Captive-bred leopard geckos are used to be handled, are more likely to have received the proper husbandry care, and do not experience crowded conditions when shipped to the customer. Another important reason to get your leopard gecko from a breeder is that you will know your pet’s genetic history.

What kind of reptiles do we offer at reptile breeding?

We also offer Water Monitors, Other Monitors, and Tegus, Skinks, Geckos and many other rare and unique species. We have been breeding reptiles for over 25 + years.

Why choose nerd for reptile breeding?

NERD has been breeding reptiles for over 25 years. With that type of experience and longevity, it’s no wonder our animals are known for their excellent health and dispositions. At NERD, we pride ourselves on our unique and proven rearing and reptile socialization methods.

What are the disadvantages of breeding reptiles in captivity?

They include the fact that captive-bred reptiles may suffer from the effects of the sedentary, unnatural lifestyles that are imposed on them and from the trauma and stress of transport when they are shipped from breeder to retailer and consumer. Many captive breeding facilities house their animals in completely artificial, clinical conditions.

What to look for in a leopard gecko breeder?

The more experienced the breeder, the more likely it that your leopard gecko will be healthy and well adjusted. When checking the breeder website, look for the breeder’s background. One good place to look for this information is the About Us Page. The leopard gecko is a great reptile pet.

Where can I find a leopard gecko for sale?

BHB Reptile’s website offers a complete inventory of leopard geckos and other reptiles. With one click, you can find out how many of a particular morph or species are available, their gender when they were hatched, and what they are currently feeding on.

Do leopard geckos cross-breed?

The cross-breeding of leopard geckos has resulted in a wide variety of colors and skin patterns. This article will cover the benefits of going with a breeder, provide a profile of some of the top breeders of leopard geckos, and conclude with some useful suggestions on picking a reputable breeder.

How to find a good leopard gecko breeder?

When checking the breeder website, look for the breeder’s background. One good place to look for this information is the About Us Page. The leopard gecko is a great reptile pet. They are easy enough to keep for the beginner reptile keeper while offering a wide range of genetic diversity for experienced breeders.

Are there leopard geckos in herpetoculture?

Besides leopard geckos, Gecko Etc. Herpetoculture also breeds knob-tailed and fat-tailed geckos, blue-tongued skins, and a variety of snakes. Their mission is to breed top-notched reptiles for novice and seasoned reptile keepers alike. Geckos Etc. Herpetocultures’ owner Steven Sykes studied ecology and zoology at Rutgers University.

Are captive leopard geckos better than wild?

Captive-bred leopard geckos are more likely to be healthy than wild-caught specimens. Wild-caught reptiles undergo a great deal of stress during capture and shipping. Additionally, they are crowded together when they are shipped. The result is that they are more likely to be exposed to parasites, diseases or become injured.

Can you own a wild leopard gecko in the US?

Leopard geckos can be brought to the United States from the Asiatic regions, however, this is generally not recommended. A wild leopard gecko is not suitable as a pet and could cause you some serious issues. Follow the tips below to help you find reputable leopard gecko breeders for you to choose from.

What animals live in a terrestrial environment?

The amphibians have an aquatic larval stage and the adult animal lives in terrestrial environments. Animals that live in the land-based habitats are referred to as terrestrial animals. Terrestrial animals can also be vertebrates and invertebrates. Terrestrial vertebrates include mammals, reptiles, and birds.

What happens if you put a leopard gecko with a crested gecko?

Since crested geckos are smaller than leopard geckos, they risk being bullied or fought. While the two reptiles have different feeding habits, being in the same space can cause food fights or unintentional bites. When this happens, the crested gecko, thanks to its thin skin, risks being injured.

How much do leopard geckos cost?

CB Reptile has the widest selection of the hottest leopard gecko morphs for sale in the USA! If you are searching for the best quality juvenile, adult or baby leopard gecko for sale, you’ve come to the right place! $ 159.95 – $ 429.00 Sale! $ 279.95 – $ 749.00 Sale! $ 249.00 – $ 599.00 Sale! $ 999.00 – $ 1,899.00 Sale! $ 159.00 – $ 449.00 Sale!

Where can I buy the best leopard gecko morphs? is your source for the best leopard gecko morphs for sale in the USA. We work with top genetics including Tremper, Rainwater, Bell and Vegas leopard gecko genetic lines.

How do leopard geckos have babies?

Like most species, leopard geckos breed by mating between a male and female. The female then lays eggs, which will hatch into baby geckos. Interestingly, the temperature the egg is kept at determines the gender of the leopard gecko that hatches.

Can leopard geckos crossbreed?

The art of breeding your own Leopard Gecko morphs is a practice season pet-owners of geckos and other reptiles turn to. This means that hundreds of possible crosses exist due to fascinating genetic possibilities when these geckos interbreed. When two morphs of different skin texture and pattern breed.

What is the breeding season for leopard geckos?

When is the breeding season for leopard geckos? Leopard geckos are likely capable of producing eggs at any point in the year, but most leopard geckos in the U.S., Canada or Europe breed between January and September. How long does mating take for leopard geckos?

Did leopard geckos evolve from lizards?

Interestingly, leopard g eckos evolved from lizards that were active during the day, and they didn’t have rods for night vision. How do you hold a baby leopard gecko?

Which color morphs make the best pet geckos?

Whether it is super rare color morphs like Enigma, Eclipse, Blizzard, Diablo Blanco, Jungle Designer, Super Mack Snow, or the more common high colors, carrot tails, mack snows and super snow, all of our leopard geckos come from top quality genetics and are as gorgeous as they are calm from our daily handling t1o ensure they make great pet geckos!

Can my crested gecko be kept as a pet?

My crested gecko, Alphonse, is captive bred and born. Wild Caught reptiles lived in the wild before being captured for the pet trade. WC reptiles are often more aggressive, more difficult to tame, less healthy, parasite-ridden, and less likely to thrive in captivity.