Do goldfish get along with platys?


What kind of water do platy goldfish like?

Generally, though, fancy goldfish prefer warmer water stabilized with a water heater and open low-flow areas of your tank, which makes them a good fit for many other tropical fish! Platies are a diverse group of colorful fish in the Xiphophorus genus that typically grow to around 1.5 to 3-inches in length.

Can platy fish and goldfish live together in the same tank?

While you could technically place them in the same freshwater tank, they won’t get along all that well, nor will they adapt to each other’s water requirements. In this article I discuss the reasons why platy fish and goldfish should not be kept in the same aquarium and how to choose compatible tank mates for your fish.

What is the difference between platy and goldfish?

Platies are tropical fish that enjoy warmer waters in the range of 72°F- 78°F (or even a little above this range), goldfish on the other hand, are tempered water fish. Goldfish can survive in water between 60° and 74° F, and they feel best in colder waters.

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Do platy fish like to swim?

A more voluminous tank will give your fish ample opportunities to swim and play. Platy fish are known for being very hardy and adaptable. However, they do have their preferences. In the wild, these freshwater fish live in rivers, ponds, and marshes. Oftentimes, their natural habitats have virtually no current.

Do platy fish need a water heater?

While platies require a heater in their aquarium, goldfish don’t do well in aquariums with heaters, and they’re in their element without a water heater in the aquarium. Forcing one or the other to adapt to water conditions that aren’t ideal will eventually lead to health problems that once appear will be difficult to overcome.

Can platies and Betta fish live together?

Bettas and platies can be kept in the same aquarium given that their water requirements can be easily matched up. However, there are a few things to watch out for, namely stocking issues and behavioral issues.

Can platy fish live with goldfish?

Since both platy fish and goldfish are beginner-friendly fish that have easy-to-fulfill keeping requirements, you may think they’re compatible and you could perhaps keep them in the same aquarium. Unfortunately, goldfish aren’t a good match for platy fish.

Do goldfish need tank mates to stay happy?

Goldfish are not aggressive by nature and so, they can easily be placed with other fish in the tank. They are social creatures that love to live in a community and interact with other fish regularly. Do Goldfish Need Tank Mates to Stay Happy? Since goldfish naturally like social environments, they stay happy in the company of other tank mates.

What is a platy fish?

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Platy fish are a peaceful species that is often chosen by beginner aquarists for their hardy nature and easy compatibility with lots of other peace-loving freshwater fish.

What is the difference between koi and goldfish?

Koi and goldfish are different species. Goldfish were created by crossbreeding Prussian carp, whereas Koi were selectively bred from common carp. Koi are much larger than goldfish and have barbels or “whiskers” near their mouths. Goldfish don’t have barbels. Goldfish come in a variety of forms, whereas Koi have a common body and tail shape.

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Do goldfish eat platy fish?

Although platies are peaceful and usually keep to themselves, it may happen that they will take issue with some fish, although it’s unlikely that they’ll attack any fish. It’s more likely, however, that because of the huge difference in size, goldfish may inadvertently eat platy juveniles.

Are platy fish schooling fish?

Author Note: Platy fish are not a shoaling or schooling species, but you may see them group up throughout the day to explore together. The ideal tank mates for the platy are other peaceful freshwater fish.

What do platy fish like to do?

Platy fish are active creatures that enjoy exploring their environment. A more voluminous tank will give your fish ample opportunities to swim and play. Platy fish are known for being very hardy and adaptable. However, they do have their preferences. In the wild, these freshwater fish live in rivers, ponds, and marshes.

Are platy fish good tank mates?

Platy fish make ideal tank mates as they are very peaceful. Don’t forget though that they can be very active. They enjoy swimming around in groups with males occasionally fighting amongst themselves. Small peaceful fish are the perfect tank companions, especially with species that are loosely related such as mollies, guppies, and swordtails.

Why is my platy fish having trouble swimming?

Difficulty swimming. The triggering factor of dropsy is bad water conditions, which can promote the proliferation of bacteria. Platy fish affected by dropsy cannot be cured. You can help your fish relax or feel more comfortable by adding 2 tablespoon of Epsom salts for every gallon of water.

Do platies need heaters?

Room temperatures can vary greatly between day and night, and without a heater, so would the tank water temperature. This is really bad for fish. So no, I cannot agree with your assessment that platies do not need heaters.

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Can platy fish live in cold water without a heater?

But can platy fish actually live in cold water without a heater? Well, it can’t! Since platy fish are originally a species of tropical water, it requires the water temperature to be between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit or between 24 to 28 degrees Celsius to survive.

Can platy fish live with Betta in the same tank?

And if you have platies, they’re going to do much better in a tank that favors width over height. Also, 3 platys and a betta in 10 gallons will have enough space to stay away from each other. What Is The Ideal Temperature And pH For Platies?

Can betta fish live with goldfish?

The optimum temperature for the betta fish is around 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Secondly, one of the major attributes that makes a specie of fish an incompatible tank mate for the betta fish is fin nipping. Sadly, goldfishes are big time fn nippers!

Can platy fish be kept alone?

Unlike bettas, platies should not be kept alone. Platies are active fish that enjoy a planted aquarium and plenty of swimming space. They should be housed in 10+ gallon aquariums, while being very careful not to overstock the aquarium.

Do platy fish get along with guppies?

Platies and guppies get along well if kept in the same aquarium. Their water requirements are very similar, they both enjoy a planted aquarium, plus they’re both live-bearing fish. Guppies are more impressive in their physical traits — they display strikingly beautiful colors, flowing fins, and they grow a bit smaller compared to platy fish.

Do platies get along with freshwater fish?

As you can see platies are peaceful fish that get along with many freshwater fish that enjoy the same water requirements and display behavior similar to them.