Do betta fish live in Thailand?


Where do betta fish live in the wild?

Betta fish in their natural habitat can most often be found in still or standing waters such as in flood plains, canals, and rice paddies. Interestingly enough, Betta fish are referred to as pla-kad in Thai, which means “biting fish”.

Are Betta fish hard to take care of?

But the truth is that they’re not as hardy and easy to care for as many believe. Betta fish — also called Siamese fighting fish — are tropical fish native to Southeast Asia. Especially prevalent in Thailand, wild bettas typically live in rice paddies and other shallow, stagnant bodies of water.

What is the lifespan of a betta fish?

While wild bettas generally have small fins and are dull green or brown, today’s pet bettas have been bred to be quite colorful, with elaborate fins. With proper care, a pet betta can live for two to four years. But before you buy one, make sure you’re aware of these five common fish tales about the beautiful betta fish.

Are Betta fish native to the Mekong basin?

Yes, and to be precise, the Betta fish is native to the Mekong basin in countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Betta fish in their natural habitat can most often be found in still or standing waters such as in flood plains, canals, and rice paddies.

Can betta fish live in puddles?

Betta fish in the wild are typically found in shallow bodies of water stuffed with vegetation, such as rice paddies and swamps. However, it’s important to remember that though shallow, these pools are vast. As such, Bettas living in puddles is an absolute myth!

Do bettas like acidic or alkaline water?

Bettas do prefer slightly acidic water, and their ideal water pH is 6.5. Your fish will acclimate to the local water conditions, however, so unless your fish is stressed it’s likely you won’t need to worry about the pH. It never hurts to have some test strips available in case of a problem, though.

How hard is it to breed betta fish?

It isn’t hard to breed bettas, but it does take a fair amount of equipment and close attention to water quality. Poor water conditions are the most common reason for a mating to fail. It’s very easy to convince a male betta to build a bubble nest, and your male will likely build one on his own if he is happy and well maintained.

Why are Bettas so hard to keep?

Betta Fish 101. This is because they are anabantids, a type of fish that is capable of taking in air from the surface of the water. Unfortunately, this is also why Betta have become so popular. Since they can survive in very small bowls and other enclosures, people keep them in the most horrible of situations.

What kind of tank does a betta fish live in?

Betta fish can live in a really small and simple tank, without filtration, however they still prefer a big tank which has some caves, rocks and plants to explore. Betta fish from Saigon Aquarium accommodates well to tap water, after chlorine treatment.

What is a captive betta fish?

Captive betta fish have been bred to have dramatic, flowing fins in vibrant colors. The fish are a popular pet around the world. (Image credit: Shutterstock) Betta fish, also called Siamese fighting fish, are small, colorful fish that are native to Southeast Asia and common in the pet trade.

What is a betta fish called in Thailand?

However, it is called ‘plakat fish’ in Thailand, which means ‘biting fish.’ Originally, the betta fish was found in ponds, streams, or rivers with the shallow water levels in some countries of Asia.

Where do wild betta fish come from?

Wild bettas come from the Mekong and Chao Phraya river basins in Thailand, where they inhabit shallow bodies of water, particularly marshes, rice paddies, and floodplains. During the dry season, betta fish live in puddles, surviving by eating insect larvae and water-bound insects that alight on the water surface.

Why do betta fish live in puddles?

The streams are slow-moving and in the dry season can easily evaporate to almost nothing. When this happens, bettas are forced to live in shallow puddles where they can survive for a short time because, unlike other tropical fish, the betta has a labyrinth, or breathing organ, that allows it to get its oxygen from the air it breathes.

What is a betta fish’s home like?

When being kept as a pet, a betta does best in a warm room or a tank with a small heater to regulate the temperature, keeping the water at about 73 to 80 degrees. They do not thrive in very cold water. What is Their Home Like? Bettas live in rice paddies and river basins. Their natural territory is about three-feet square.

Do betta fish need a water filter?

A water filter is important, too, even though wild bettas live in murky puddles. Without a filter, waste materials (urine and feces) and uneaten food can make the water toxic. Be sure to purchase a filter with a gentle flow, as bettas’ delicate fins do better in calm water.

Can betta fish live in distilled water?

While distilled water has many uses, it should not be used in betta habitats without proper treatment to add nutrients and control pH levels. Betta fish living in untreated distilled water lack many of the minerals they need to survive, and as a result, will lack energy, have a dull looking appearance and could die.

How does pH affect a betta fish?

The pH level of the water in the aquarium is one of the primary factors that affect the thriving of betta fish in the water. The pH of the water defines how acidic or alkaline the water is. The acidity or alkalinity of the water affects the betta fish’s survival.

Can betta fish live in rainwater?

Rain water on its own does not contain the good minerals that betta fish need. Rainwater absorbs these from the ground/rocks/dirt/sand etc and it’s out of the recommended pH range with average rain water pH being around 5.0-5.5.

What type of water should I use for my betta fish?

As we’ll discuss later, it is usually recommended to use distilled water or reverse osmosis (RO) water to have better control over pH in your betta tank. Tap water can have varying pH, KH, and GH levels that might need to be chemically altered otherwise.

How to care for a betta fish fry?

Add two or three inches of water to the tank; the water needs to be shallow so the betta fish fry doesn’t struggle to reach the surface. You’ll also need a tank divider to keep the male and female apart as they acclimate to each other and some plastic wrap to create a humid environment.

Do female bettas prefer red or blue fish?

Interestingly, studies show that female betta fish prefer males with red pigmentation over those with blue. That’s because females presume red fish have healthier genes and good overall health and immunity. Although a blue betta that’s been fed a good diet may be strong and healthy, a female will almost always choose a red male for a mate.

Can you keep a betta fish in a home aquarium?

Bettas, and other fish, that are held in captivity in home aquariums can suffer from inadequate environments and lack of proper care. Unlike some other types of fish, bettas require warm water and supple filtration. They must be fed and have their tanks cleaned on a regular basis. They also need environmental enrichment.

Can betta fish live in tap water?

Luckily, there are plenty of high quality, and inexpensive water conditioners to remove chemicals from your tap water in seconds. This makes it safe for your betta fish to live in. There are betta-specific water conditioners and one’s for freshwater fish in general, either are fine to use.

What do betta fish eat in captivity?

Bettas are carnivores and need a high-protein diet. In the wild, bettas survive by eating small insect eggs and larvae floating in the water around them. Captive-bred fish are usually not very picky about their choice of food. They will readily eat fresh, frozen and commercial diets.

What is bettapal?

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What kind of fish is a Cambodian Betta?

The Cambodian betta arose from careful selective breeding of light-colored bicolor bettas. The body features a pale pink body branching out to bright red fins. Sometimes, the body is almost a flesh tone rather than pink.

Can you buy betta fish from a pet store?

Though bettas are most commonly characterized as aquarium-dwelling fish, the animal rights organization recommends that prospective buyers let the fish remain in their wild homes — shallow bodies of water in Asia — and choose not to support pet stores that sell them. Learn more about shipping live fish in PETA’s video investigation below.