Can Yoyo loaches live with catfish?


What is the scientific name of yoyo loach?

Yoyo loach. It may attain a length of 14–16 cm (5.5–6.3 in), and is named for its dark and pale patterns, which often can be seen to spell “yoyo” (especially in smaller/younger specimens), hence the common name yoyo loach. The final common name, Almora loach, refers to Almora in Uttarakhand, India. Specimens labelled as B.

Is the yoyo loach the right fish for your aquarium?

Use our fish community creator tool to plan your tank set up and ensure that the Yoyo Loach is the right fish for your aquarium. The Yoyo Loach (often referred to as the Pakistani Loach) may be seen with variable markings depending on age and collection location.

What is a Pakistani loach?

Pakistani Loach has an elongated body that resembles the form of a torpedo, its back is arched, and the stomach is straight. Thanks to the highly effective pectoral fins, the fish simply maneuvers within the water, even within the backside layers of rivers and lakes.

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What is the scientific name of yoyoyo loach?

YoYo Loach Fish Care. Scientific Name : Botia almorhae. Common Name: Pakistani Loach, Yoyo Loach, Reticulated Loach. Care Level: Easy to Moderate. Size: 3 – 6 inches (10-15 cm) pH: 6 – 7.6. Temperature: 73 – 82 °F (23 – 28 °C) Origin / Habitat: India, Nepal, Bangladesh.

What is the scientific name of the stone loach?

Stone Loach. Scientific name: Barbatula barbatula. The Stone Loach is notoriously hard to spot – not only is it mostly nocturnal, it is also well camouflaged and can partially bury itself in the riverbed.

What is the scientific name for Loach?

Loach Species Index (Alphabetical) Scientific Name. Synonyms. Common Name. Aborichthys elongatus. Noemacheilus elongatus. Red tailed, striped sand loach, Red tailed squirrel loach. Aborichthys kempi.

What do sucking loach eat?

This species will voraciously eat Algae wafers, flakes, sinking catfish pellets, as well as frozen and live foods such as mosquito larvae, brine shrimp and daphnia. It is impossible to sex the sucking loach accurately while a juvenile.

Why don’t barbel attack large fish?

It made no ecological sense for barbel to target and attack a large barbel, although it was possible that the occasional large fish that was moribund, old, sick, weak and an easy target would be recognized and tidied up.

Are sucking loach dangerous to fish?

The sucking loach is a handy fish to have in your tank as they are very good algae eaters. However due to the size they can get, they can be a little boy stress. They can attach them selves on to fish sucking the mucus of the fishes bodies, and cause damage to the fish.

Do sucking loach fish damage plants?

The fish will damage delicate plants although some hardy varieties will be fine. The Sucking Loach is a robust, hardy, and adaptable fish, which will make a good addition to the aquarium only if it is kept with the right tank mates. Usually reaches 15cm but can potentially grow to 25cm.

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What is the best hook length for Barbel fishing?

Nothing complicated is required in the rig department when fishing for barbel: they need only be kept strong and tangle-free. I prefer to use heavy, 7” braided hooklengths incorporating a very strong hook in conjunction with a running, gripper-style lead, a large buffer bead and an anti-tangle sleeve.

What are the characteristics of barbel?

The barbel comes from India. The body length is up to 17 cm. Closer to the tail, a dark spot is visible, the second on the other side. In addition, the tail is marked with black and orange-red arrows. Fertile and mobile olives require a spacious aquarium, food interferes with plants. The body of Fiveband barbs is thin and graceful, 5 cm in size.

Are there any wild fish that eat algae?

Couple that with the fact that are only available wild caught, and usually pick up a nasty dose of whitespot after arriving. The Chinese algae eater or Sucking loach (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri) is a tireless, hardy algae eater when small but, and this is a big but, it grows to over 15cm/6″ long (30cm/12″ in the books) and can become very territorial.

What size hooks for barbel?

i fish in matches for Barbel a bit, and tend to fish a bit lighter than most barbel specialists recommend (3.2 and 4.4 pound bayer person hooklength and a size 14 or 16 kamasan animal hook).

How long should a hooklength be for fishing?

OPINION differs as to how long a hooklength should be. Some canal anglers use hooklengths as short as four inches. Other anglers fishing slow-sinking baits like maggots and casters on clear water venues, make theirs as long as 30 inches. If you’re tying your own hooks, a 12-inch hooklength is a good place to start.

What size braid for barbel?

I see no point whatsoever in using braid below 10lb for barbel. A 3lb barbel could snap 6lb braid with a shake of its head. 6lb, 12lb braid, mono, (and fluoro!) are all visible to fish.. and 12lb braid will be thinner than your main-line (hopefully!) I can see no advantage, but plenty of disadvantage.

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How do you fish a large barbel?

Large barbel are likely to spook off a tight mainline running through the water, and to avoid this you can take two contrasting approaches: Fish with a long hooklength, creating separation between the mainline and the hookbait. Fish with a short hooklength but incorporate a backlead.

How long do barbel fish live?

Lacking an adipose fin, it has a second dorsal fin on the back of the former is a characteristic of all Cyprinid fish. This small variety of barbel fish is small, reaches only 5 centimeters in length, and has an average life of 4 years. Although you can live for 5 to 7 years with adequate care.

What size hook do you use for barbel?

However, with bigger baits, meat, halibut pellet and boilies, I’ll use a “carp” type hook. My usual for barbel is the Nash Fang Gaper in size 6-10. Would a different style help me hook more fish?

What is the hook length of the Korum barbel line?

Korum Barbel Line hooklength is 0.28mm at 8lb so different to a lot of hi tech mono. It’s two tone, has some stretch, and surprisingly supple for it’s diameter.

What size hooks do you use for fishing?

I’ll happily use Super Specialists/Super Spades from sizes 12-18 for worm, maggot, caster and, occasionally, corn. However, with bigger baits, meat, halibut pellet and boilies, I’ll use a “carp” type hook.

What size line do you use for fishing?

2) Use reel lines that can handle big fish. I use 6lb (0.20mm), 7lb (0.22mm), or 8lb (0.24mm) Pro Float. 3) Use strong, sharp hooks and be prepared to change them straight away if they get blunted on rocks or gravel. 4) Use No3 Bolo floats if there is decent flow.