Can you put cichlids with guppies?


Are guppies good tank mates for other fish?

Who would not like to add some adorable, super-small and easy to care for fish to their favorite community tank? Guppies have been one of the first choices as ideal tank mates for years now, and they basically function in harmony with any fish. They are fairly active, playful, and love interacting with their mates.

Do African cichlids get along with guppies?

you can bet those guppies wouldn’t last a day with some cichlinds, african cichlids mainly only get along with each other. I’m sure there are other species they can be housed with but they would have to be about or the same size, fast and agressive fish. Actually, african cichlids done even get along with each other.

Do guppies need a fish tank heater?

Having a fish tank heater is an absolute must with guppies. They prefer water temperatures between 74 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Occasionally you may need warmer water temperatures which makes an adjustable heater the best choice for your aquarium.

How to choose a GUPPY partner for your aquarium?

Water conditions: temperature, hardness and the alkalinity of water are some of the things to consider when choosing partners for your guppy. Even if personalities prove to be compatible, each species requires specific water conditions. These conditions must must be met when having forming a community aquarium.

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Why are my guppies snatching food out of their mouths?

If your guppies are snatching food out of their mouths try putting some food in the tank when your greedy ones are sleeping since shrimp constantly scavenge for food. Even if you do everything right guppies and shrimp will exhibit some odd behavior that you really can’t do a lot about.

Can guppies live with tetras in the same tank?

Pay attention to the following factors when setting up a tank for guppies and tetras, and both the fish will co-exist and flourish. Size of the tank: Guppies and tetras are active swimmers. They need a lot of space to swim and explore. Since each fish will need at least two gallons of water, keep the tank understocked.

Can guppies live with other fish in a tank?

Diet – Fish that eat other fishes (carnivores) are a big no-no as they will definitely eat your guppies. Temperament – Fishes that are territorial and fierce in general also do not make suitable tank mates and will stress out your guppies. Requirements – Fishes that require a different set of parameters to remain healthy just isn’t practical.

Can guppies and platy fish crossbreed?

Please note that guppies and platy fish cannot crossbreed. While some pet shops will recommend mollies, it’s been noted that adult mollies will attack guppies. This can be stressful for your guppies which can lead to early death, infertility, among other problems.

What is the smallest tank size for guppies?

Most people are led by the relatively small size of the fish and feel like “any” size of the tank is suitable. The industry standard for the minimum tank size for guppies is 5 gallons. However, it’s also possible to find recommendations that suggest the smallest tank size for guppies is 10 gallons.

Can guppies and neon tetras live in a 5-gallon tank?

Although guppies and neon tetras have the size that would make them fit inside a 5-gallon tank, they would be far from thriving and practically just surviving. They need to live in sizable groups, and the limited space won’t allow them to swim freely and be as active as they’re meant to be.

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What kind of guppies can live in a cold water tank?

There are several kinds of guppies that will do well in a cold water tank without a heater, such as livebearers and fancy-tailed guppies. Most guppies are named for their tail color and shape.

How much water do guppies need to grow?

Some guppies can grow to be 2.5 inches. So, it will be great if each guppy has at least 10 liters of water. If you are new to fish keeping, you can start with a few guppies. Ten liters of water per guppy fish will make it easy to manage.

Can you put a guppy in a tank alone?

Yes, you can, but it looks pretty sad…since, this is an active and joyful fish that likes company. If you are looking for an appealing, not demanding fish that easily lives alone, you may consider getting a betta fish. Does guppy need oxygen and water filter? Well, it’s not necessary, but it’d be good if you have them.

What is the name of the guppy fish in the tank?

Keeping in a tank Scientific Name Poecilia reticulata Common Name Guppy, guppy fish Tank size 5 gallons and more Temperament Peaceful Diet Omnivorous 3 more rows

Why is my guppies shrimp not growing?

Guppies are hungry fish that eat everything within sight. So, they may not leave many scraps for the shrimp to eat. While your shrimp will still sustain themselves on plant matter, lack of proper nutrition will affect their growth. Weak and stunted shrimp are more vulnerable to predators. They will be slow and unable to hide when faced with danger.

Why do my guppies keep getting sick?

Due to this, a few aquarists are often ignorant of the water parameters, and the cute looking Guppy may fall sick even after being a hardy fish. Why Curing Is Mandatory? 1. Ich/White Spot Disease 2. Dropsy 3. Swim Bladder 4. Fins or Tail Rot 5. Gill Flukes 6. Fungus Why Curing Is Mandatory?

What causes Gill flukes in guppies?

Breathing trouble may occur in the Guppy. Swollen and discolored/blood patched gills can also be seen. Poor quality water or specifically chlorinated water is the reason behind gill flukes. Dechlorinate the water.

What causes white cottony growth on the fins of Guppy?

White cottony growth is found on the fins of Guppy. The discoloration of scales and fins and tail is an added sign. Extremely cold water gives rise to the fungus, and it mainly attacks the weak or sick fish first. Treatment: How to get rid of fish fungus?

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Can swordtail guppies crossbreed?

Swordtails are Xiphophorus helleri. The Poecilia can crossbreed with each other and the Xiphophorus can crossbreed with each other, but Xiphophorus and Poecilia cannot crossbreed. You will see male guppies chasing female platies.

Can Xiphophorus and Poecilia crossbreed?

The Poecilia can crossbreed with each other and the Xiphophorus can crossbreed with each other, but Xiphophorus and Poecilia cannot crossbreed. You will see male guppies chasing female platies.

How much aquarium space do guppies need?

If you just want to keep a single guppy or just a couple of them, there is a rule that you need to follow. This general rule of thumb is that you will need 1 gallon of aquarium space for each inch of fish. How Many Guppies Per Gallon? Therefore, a 2-inch guppy will require about 2 gallons of water.

Can guppies live in a fishbowl?

The little fishbowl can’t hold enough water to sustain proper temperatures, water parameters, and oxygen levels. In our guppy care guide, the recommended minimum is a 5-gallon aquarium for keeping guppies.

Can guppies live with goldfish in a bowl?

Never keep a goldfish in a bowl or in a small tank! Guppies are social species of fish known for their beautiful colors, active behavior and small size of about 2 inches. They can easily fit the small and medium-sized tanks around. It is not recommended to only keep one guppy, so you will want to keep at least 3-4 together.

What do guppies like in an aquarium?

Regardless of their small size and skittish nature, guppies need space to swim freely and explore in an aquarium. They also like live plants to nibble on and hide in. Live plants also help keep the water cleaner and are great for holding guppy eggs. For live plants to thrive, you need at least a 5-gallon tank.

What animals can live in a 5-gallon tank?

There are many different aquatic creatures that can live in a 5-gallon tank. Besides fish like guppies, bettas, gouramis, platies, and tetras, African dwarf frogs, cherry shrimp, and hermit crabs can also thrive in a small tank under the right conditions. Bottom-dwellers like cories are also a great option.