Can you put angelfish with discus?


How many gallons of water does an angelfish need?

As an absolute minimum angelfish really need 20 gallons (30 is better) just for one and then another 10-15 gallons for each fish thereafter. While these are a very pretty and delicate looking fish, they are actually very territorial and get quite agressive if their needs are not met.

Can discus live in a CO2 injection tank?

Discus are messy feeders and big contributors to nitrates in the aquarium. Be sure to dechlorinate the water before it is changed. Discus are usually combined with planted aquariums. Planted tanks with CO2 injection will usually exhibit a lower pH of around 6.8 which is perfect for Discus.

Should I inject CO2 into my Aquarium?

However, as you start to add more available energy to the tank in the form of higher lighting, plants can often start to bottom out on the available CO2. By injecting CO2, you can ensure there is more than enough available CO2 within the water column to keep plant cells producing.

Can I plant discus in a planted tank with CO2?

Planted tanks with CO2 injection will usually exhibit a lower pH of around 6.8 which is perfect for Discus. Discus, originally a species from the amazon will feel right at home with a mixture of long stem plants and lower foreground plants.

Do discus make a tank look smaller?

If you have 6-8 inch discus in the tank, they seem out of proportion with most aquascapes and make the tank look smaller overall. For example, the tank in the link below loses all of it’s impact and intricacy because of the large discus. Looks like something out of a 60’s monster movie: “Attack of the Killer Discus”

What are the best Ferns for a discus tank?

The Madagascar Lace Fern is also suitable for discus tanks. They’re easily recognizable by their stunning and interesting leaf texture: 2. African Bolbitus While this plant’s a fern too, it deserves its own number. The African Bolbutus, often called African Water Fern, shares similar characteristics with Java Ferns.

Do discus need a biotope?

This area where these animals and plants coexist is called a biotope. Discus do not need very bright lights. They do well in aquariums with low to medium lighting. To be specific, 1 to 1.5 watts of lighting per gallon is sufficient. If you already have bright lights, you can add some floating plants like Duckweed or Frogbit.

What is the best discus for an aquarium?

13 Best Discus Aquarium Plants List. 1 [1] – Anubias Nana. The leaves of this plant are slightly broad, wide, round, and green in color. 2 [2] – Java Fern. 3 [3] – Jungle Vallisneria. 4 [4] – Brazilian Pennywort. 5 [5] – Phyllanthus Fluitans (Red Root Floater) More items

Can Java ferns live in a discus tank?

NOTE: Rather than actual roots, Java ferns have rhizomes that do not fancy being buried under the substrate. The best way to keep java ferns in a discus tank is to tie them to rocks or driftwood with a fishing line.

How to set up a planted discus tank?

When considering how to set up a planted Discus tank, most breeders tend to compromise the temperature of the tank, keeping Discus fishes at a temperature that’s a bit low but a bit high for plants, however, this is not a good practice for the health of your Discus, instead, you should consider selecting pants that are fully compatible with your…

Does discus water have TDs?

Discus breeders often replicate the low TDS water by using reverse osmosis (RO) systems or buying RO-filtered water from water stores. In the Amazon, discus water has a pH of around 6.0 to 6.5. In some places, its pH is as low as 4! Its temperature is within the range of 77 – 84º F (25 – 29 º C).

What do I need for a discus biotope?

A Discus Biotope should have the same plant and fish species that live with Discus in the wild. These include the Amazon Sword, Rummynose Tetra and Corydoras Catfish. The substrate needs to be sand-like and easily movable. The lighting should be medium. A good amount of plant cover is highly recommended. What is a Biotope?

Can discus fish spawn on Java ferns?

Discus fishes can also spawn on the Java fern. NOTE: Rather than actual roots, Java ferns have rhizomes that do not fancy being buried under the substrate. The best way to keep java ferns in a discus tank is to tie them to rocks or driftwood with a fishing line.

Can you grow Java fern in a fish tank?

Growing java fern in our fish tanks is a great way to bring greenery indoors. Besides, your underwater pets will love it! Deep green in coloration, these aquarium plants are a perfect back layer plant for a fish tank as it can grow to reach upwards of 13″ tall.

What type of filtration system do discus fish aquariums use?

NOTE: Discus fish aquariums normally use the external canister powerful filtration system which is combining the three types of filtration (Biological, Mechanical, and Chemical) which will help your water to be easily maintained and provide a perfect environment for your Discus.

Are Java ferns good for aquariums?

Java fern is easily one of the most famous aquarium plants around. They’re amazingly simple to care for, lovely, and offer all the advantages of live plant growth in your aquarium. Furthermore, they can deal with snails, heaps of fish, low light to brilliant light, and can be mostly or completely lowered.

Do I need a water pre-filter for my discus?

This will let you know if you will require a water pre-filter like an R.O. or Reverse Osmosis unit. TDS for discus should be ideally between 200 to 300 ppm. Anything lower is reserved for breeding and anything higher may risk the overall health and growth of your discus fish.

Can discus grow in an aquarium?

The temperature of a Discus aquarium is something that the plant should be able to withstand. It’s a fast growing plant, which might be the reason some people are not able to keep up. Fast growing plants need a lot of nutrients, which is up to you to add in the form of liquid fertilizer.

Are ferns good for ponds?

Robust, bright green, and typically moisture-loving, ferns would make a great addition to the margins of ponds or bog gardens. As long as the crown of the plant is kept dry, some ferns will even thrive in waterlogged soil.

What kind of ferns make the best garden plants?

There are many other lady ferns that make fine garden plants, each with interesting qualities, including the crested lady fern (A. filix-femina’Cristatum’) with frilly double edges on each leaf. maidenhair fern plants in pots outside

Can you use Java Ferns for fish?

If you keep fish indoors in freshwater, you probably qualify as a potential for Java fern (pictured above). It’s used by goldfish keepers, cichlid keepers, plant growers and Discus owners, as with plant-eating fish the tough leaves are usually left as they seem largely unappealing and inedible.

How do you care for a Java fern?

Star your Java fern in a tank with the water temperature anywhere from 60°F to 83°F and a ph from 6 to 7.5. Cultivate new plants by tying the plant’s rhizomes to rocks or driftwood instead of planting it in the substrate directly. Java fern will grow in tap water in dim or bright light and with or without gravel.

Can Java ferns grow in aquariums?

Java fern for aquariums isn’t choosy about its surroundings and even grows in brackish water. The plant requires no specialized fish tank equipment. A simple, inexpensive light is fine.

Is Java fern a good low light plant?

This variant is a great low light type that is quite hardy and similar to regular Java fern albeit having thinner leaves which create a bushy-effect in the fish tank. Buy narrow leaf Java fern with 4-leaves (or more), which once started, will grow into a focal point even among other aquarium plants.

What is the best substrate for a discus tank?

By the way, sand and gravel for the discus tank make the best substrate for Discus. The water temperature requirement for Anubias nana is between 72º – 82º F.

How do you plant a planted aquarium?

For planted aquariums, it is recommended that you first place a soil-based substrate that will provide nutrients to the plants. Start by adding a 1-inch layer of this substrate to the tank and spread it across the tank evenly. Then add a 1-inch gravel layer on top, to prevent the soil from mixing with the water.

Can you use an under gravel filter in a discus tank?

Do not use an under gravel filter in a discus tank. Under gravel filters are intended to trap the waste under the gravel. Eventually the waste will become bacteria and foul your water. Under gravel filters are fine for other fish but not for discus.