Can you keep Tetra with discus?


What fish can you put with discus?

Other suitable tank mates for discus include: clown loaches (make sure they have a place to hide in the aquarium), German blue rams, rummy nose tetras, glowlight tetras and rosy tetras. What tropical fish should you avoid putting in with discus?

What kind of tetras can live with discus?

Cardinal tetras are another kind of tetras that will fit well as tank mates for your Discus fish for one reason, they are aesthetic in appearance so they will pair well with the striking Colours of the Discus. NOTE: It is easy for Cardinal tetras to adapt to a warm water environment which is preferred by Discus fishes.

What are the best tankmates for discus?

Among the most suitable tankmates for Discus fish is the Corydoras and the following are a couple of whys and wherefores.

Can I keep discus in my Aquarium?

There are those who keep just Discus and nothing else, usually in a set-up with no substrate or tank decor. Then there are those who will add some Discus to an already established aquarium. These are usually located in a domestic environment, are probably planted and contain community fish.

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Are assassin snails good with discus fish?

The Assassin snail is very good Discus fish tank mates because they are scavengers – they eat up any leftover foods that Discus fishes didn’t eat and thus reduce the risk of problems regarding water quality in the tank due to ammonia build-up resulting from the decay of leftovers.

Do discus like to swim back and forth?

Dither fish can have a strong calming effect on more timid, larger fish like discus. The small dither fish swim back and forth in the aquarium, out in the open. The discus notice that these small fish seem secure in their environment.

Can discus live with cardinal tetras?

Cardinal tetras are dither fish. Since dither fish swim back and forth calmly, they are thought to bring a sense of tranquility to the tank, which the Discus can benefit from if it became stressed out, as we mentioned above. In my opinion it’s one of the best fish compatible with discus.

What are the best fish for a discus tank?

German Blue Rams are great with discus. Corydoras catfish are another good fish to add to a discus tank. Adding a few corydoras catfish to the tank will help with clean up maintenance. They will scamper around the aquarium looking for any particles of food that have not been eaten.

What fish can I put with a discus?

The Cardinal tetra is probably the most popular and obvious species to swim alongside Discus. For the best effect, add as many to the tank as you can afford and safely keep.

Do neon tetras get along with discus?

Inappropriately referred to as a “Poor man’s Cardinal”, the Neon is completely at home with Discus. I occasionally hear tales of Discus attacking Neons, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Without a doubt a pretty fish and, as with all small tetras, kept in a large shoal for best visual effect.

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Can you put two Corydoras catfish in a discus tank?

Adding more than one Corydoras Catfish will help you to keep the water in the tank clean and it means your Discus fish will get more comfortable.

What is the ideal tank size for my discus?

Blackwater, leaf litter and driftwood are favoured by both Discus and German Blue rams, also ensure that the tank water is in good condition. NOTE: The ideal tank size for this species is more than 20 gallons of water.

What are the best tank mates for discus?

The NEW and Updated list of Discus tank mates to help make things easier for YOU!. Neon Tetras, Catfish, Plecos & Schooling Fish for YOUR Discus tank. Learn More About Tank Mates For Discus.

What fish can live with discus fish?

The Pentazona Barb is a great tank mate for the discus fish because, like the Discus, it is not an aggressive fish and will not fight for food. The Pentagonal Barb is also known as the five-banded barb because of the five dark bands that run across its body.

What should you not put in a discus tank?

Avoid anything that grows large or is naturally aggressive such as Parrot cichlids, Jack Dempsey, Firemouths, Severums and Oscars. If in doubt, leave it out. European tank-bred fish are widely available in the UK and are a better choice for a Discus community tank than their wild counterparts.

What size aquarium do you need for discus?

Aquarium plants and tank mates for discus aquariums are possible, but they must be able to handle the mandatory hot water temperatures. What Size Tank Do You Need for Discus? Bigger is always better, so we personally recommend a 75-gallon aquarium or larger. You can do a 55-gallon tank, but then you’re forced to do a lot of water changes.

What is the best way to keep discus?

Discus fish is the only cichlid species that can form a community. Therefore, the best way to keep discus is keep at least a school of 6 adult or 10-12 juvenile discus fish. They need the social interaction to develop their character to its best potential. The Heckel discus, the only wild discus, is very rear and can find very few pet shops.

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Do discus fish need tank mates?

If you want your Discus to have tank mates, ensure to look out for fishes that can adapt to the water condition, share similar water temperatures, have a peaceful disposition, and are not small enough to be considered as food by Discus fishes.

What fish can be kept with discus?

Blackwater, leaf litter and driftwood are favoured by both Discus and German Blue rams, also ensure that the tank water is in good condition. NOTE: The ideal tank size for this species is more than 20 gallons of water. Another very good species of fish that you can combine in the same aquarium with Discus fishes is Beckford’s Pencilfish.

Can I keep assassin snails with Fry?

Any fry is at serious risk, should they be exposed to assassin snails in a tank. In order to keep your assassin snails occupied, you’ll want to establish a sandy substrate in the bottom of your tank.

Do assassin snails get along with other fish?

Since Assassin Snails are carnivores, care must be taken when selecting tank mates. Assassin Snails seem very comfortable around others of their kind, as well as most other community tank fish. Assassins also seem to get along with peaceful scavengers like Cory Catfish as well as more delicate algae eaters such as Otocinclus Catfish .

What size aquarium for assassin snails?

Another issue related to Assassin Snail care has to do with tank size. Its a good idea to keep Assassin Snails in tanks at least 30 gallons in size. An Assassin Snail does best in aquariums with healthy and stable parameters, and larger tanks have a greater capacity to absorb sudden changes and shifts than smaller tanks do.