Can pleco and Otocinclus live together?


What size fish tank for one axolotl?

A forty Litre or ten gallon fish tank should be sufficient if you want to keep one axolotl. However, when it comes to this, the general rule is that bigger is always the better option. Your best bet would be to buy the biggest fish tank or aquarium that can comfortably fit your house.

Are axolotls good fish tank mates?

Research suggests that although Axolotls can be kept with fish, most fish tank mates are not compatible with them. These salamanders are not good tank mates in general but there are a handful of fish with whom they can tolerate each other.

What happens if two axolotls don’t share a tank?

Having axolotls that don’t share a similar size in one tank could mean the loss of limbs, accidental nibbling or in worst case scenarios, outright cannibalism. To avoid this you must ensure they are both always well fed and when feeding them make sure they’re each on opposite sides of the fish tank.

Do axolotls need to be alone?

So it is definitely in your pet axolotl’s best interest to be kept isolated from the other sea creatures or fishes. They do very well in solitary so there is no need to get them any company especially if you want them to live a long and healthy life.

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Can you keep axolotls with other species?

They should not be kept with other species as axolotls might try to eat pet fish, and the fish sometimes nip at them, as well. You even should be cautious about housing them with other axolotls. Juvenile axolotls can be cannibalistic toward one another, so they are best raised in separate enclosures.

Do axolotls get along with other fish?

Secondly, axolotls are usually distant pets, and they can go through a lot of stress. If you really want to keep other fish with your axolotls, go for the fish that are the same size as your axolotls, as small fish might fall easy prey to your smiley pets. How To Set Up an Axolotl Tank? An axolotl spends its entire life in its tank.

How much space do axolotls need to live together?

The minimum tank size for an axolotl is 15-20 gallons. Add 10 gallons per axolotl if you plan to keep more than one together. You’ll want to give them plenty of space to get away from each other. Ground space is more important than depth.

What size tank do I need for an axolotl?

The minimum requirement for an axolotl is 15-20 gallons, but I recommend at least 40 gallons. For two axolotls, the minimum is 55 gallons.

How long does it take to add an axolotl to an aquarium?

After your aquarium is completely set up, you’ll need to establish the nitrogen cycle. Having experience with aquatic systems is helpful during this process. The nitrogen cycle needs to be fully established before you can add your axolotl. Cycling your tank will take 4-6 weeks.

Are plecos compatible with axolotls?

Plecos are definitely not compatible with axolotls for several reasons. One is the difference in needs for ideal living environment. Plecos thrive at warmer temperatures than are safe for an axolotl.

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What kind of water does an axolotl need?

Tap water treated with an aquarium water conditioner that removes chlorine and chloramines is fine for axolotls. Never use distilled water, and make sure the pH of the water remains between 6.5 and 7.5. (You can find a water test kit to check at most pet stores.)

What is the best tank mate for an axolotl?

The best tank mate for your axolotl is another axolotl of the same age, length and gender. Small shrimp and small freshwater fish, small snails can also cohabit with an axolotl but need a lot of precaution so they can survive and not be eaten by your axolotl.

Should axolotl tanks be bigger than tall?

These tanks should be wider than they are tall, as Axolotls prefer to explore around the bottom of their tank, or even just chill and float around very top of the water in their tank. If you are planning on setting up an Axolotl tank, there are a few thing that you should know before you do.

Can I use tap water to fill my axolotl tank?

You can use tap water to fill your axolotl’s tank as long as you treat it with aquarium freshwater conditioner for axolotl tank to neutralize any chemical pollution and remove chlorine and chloramine.

Is axolotl a salamander?

They are a kind of salamander that remains aquatic its entire life. But unlike salamanders, Axolotls don’t undergo metamorphosis from the larval form (with gills) to the adult stage. These species of fish come in a myriad of colors that include grey, golden, albino, black, etc.

Why do axolotls get along with newts?

This is mainly because newts tend to mistake the Axolotls’ external fins for food when they are living close to each other. Take note that even the largest aquarium can’t provide the massive territory and large water volume a natural habitat provides.

Do axolotls get aggressive when left alone?

In fact, in many cases, it’s better to leave them alone in the tank, because they can become aggressive, especially to other male axolotls and smaller fish or animals in the tank. So, don’t be worried about keeping them alone.

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Why is my axolotl jumping out of the aquarium?

Axolotls attempting to jump or jumping out of the aquarium are usually doing so to escape poor water conditions. Therefore, the first thing to consider examining is the water parameters in the tank. Is the water too warm or too cold?

Can you use tap water for an axolotl?

Conditioning tap water like the way it’s done with freshwater fish tanks should make it safe to use for your axolotl. If you avoid conditioning the water, chlorine as well as several other chemicals found in the water may harm and sometimes even kill your pet aquatic salamander.

Do axolotl salamanders eat shrimp?

You should not buy shrimp for your Axolotl tank, except if your goal is to buy some expensive food for your pet. These salamanders love to eat shrimp and they are not going to hesitate much to do so. If you buy a shrimp as a tank mate, they will live together for a short while.

How do I care for my axolotl fish?

Make sure to keep your fish well-fed, and be ready to separate them if you notice that your axolotl’s gills are showing signs of damage. My personal success stories!

Can baby snails and axolotl live together?

But there are quite a few owners out there who share their tank between baby snails and axolotl with no problems. Some owners prefer snails because they are bottom feeders. They help to get rid of leftovers left behind by axolotl that causes bad bacteria growth if left unattended.

How to turn an axolotl into a salamander?

Vilem Laufberger in Prague used thyroid hormone injections to induce an axolotl to grow into a terrestrial adult salamander. The experiment was repeated by Englishman Julian Huxley, who was unaware the experiment had already been done, using ground thyroids.