Can Molly fish live with sharks?


Can Mollies and Betta fish live together?

Can Mollies And Betta Live Together? Female GloFish Bettas can tolerate the presence of Mollies, but a male Betta might not. We already know that male GloFish Bettas are more aggressive than females, so better avoid those. Female GloFish Bettas, though, are a little different.

Can Mollies live with red-tailed sharks?

Mollies are colorful and playful tropical fish that can live with a red-tailed shark in a large community tank. They are large enough that they do not fit into a red-tailed shark’s mouth and become a quick meal. Mollies commonly feed on algae in a tank which can pose a problem if they are consuming the red-tailed sharks’ primary grazing food.

Do betta fish get bored?

Contrary to other fishes that prefer to live in groups called shoals, betta fishes would rather live on their own without the company of other fishes. But as the sociable animals that we are as humans; when we have them as pets, we tend to misinterpret their being dull as boredom.

What kind of fish can I put with my Mollies?

These fish are really mellow, don’t put large fish with them or aggressive fish either. Mollies: Brackish or freshwater fish, hard to mix with anything else. Some people have them with platys and swordtails, but this one is up to you. Just keep and eye on them and if there is any problem just separate them and take them back to store.

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What makes a good tank mate for a red-tailed shark?

What Makes a Good Tank Mate for Red-Tailed Sharks? Livebearers like mollies, platies, and swordtails are one of the best fish tank mates to keep with a red-tailed shark. When it comes to invertebrates, freshwater snails can be successfully kept with red-tailed sharks at both a small and an adult size.

Do betta fish get bored and depressed?

Betta fish can become bored and depressed if you don’t provide enough distraction and entertainment in your pet’s environment. Use plenty of interesting decorations and planting in your betta’s tank, and be sure to devote some time each day to some interactive playtime sessions too.

Is it bad to keep a Betta too long?

For some betta fish that might be too long. For others, it would be just fine. Spend some time getting to know your personal fish as their temperaments and personalities vary widely.

Is my betta fish lonely?

No, your betta fish is not lonely. He might look lonely, puttering around the tank all by himself, but rest assured that he isn’t. In fact, given a choice, your betta would prefer to be alone.

How to care for a red tail shark and African cichlids?

The Red Tail Shark fish-like vegetation and rocks in their living spaces. Make sure that you provide these features in the tank to make them comfortable. Most importantly, ensure that the tank is large enough to accommodate the Red Tail Shark and your African Cichlids.

What do red-tailed sharks need in a tank?

Both red-tailed sharks and their tank mates thrive in a heavily planted tank that consists of a variety of live plants with different rocks and pieces of driftwood. Hideouts for fish are commonly sold in pet stores and allow your red-tailed shark to have a safe retreat.

Is my betta fish depressed?

When you can rule out any form of illness or disease, then you should begin treating your betta as if he’s depressed. As well as being uninterested other symptoms can include loss of weight, picking at food, and more food waste than usual on the substrate.

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Is it possible to overdo it with a betta fish tank?

Answer: Yes, it is certainly possible to overdo it. When decorating your tank try to strike a balance between choosing items that look good to you, and those that meet the needs of your fish. Your betta needs room to swim around, and he needs clear access to the water surface.

What happens if you don’t Feed Your betta fish enough food?

An extra pinch of unneeded fish food can have a cascade effect that, if you don’t catch it, leads to very bad things for your betta fish. This is why maladies like fin rot are so prevalent in fish kept in small tanks.

Can a betta fish live without temperature shock?

If you follow the advice on this page your betta will live a long and happy life free of temperature shock. Is Your Betta Fish Living Alone? If so, then you may be interested to know about lots of tank mates that can live with them.

Are small tanks better for Betta fish?

@Angela – Your fish may indeed be special, but I still wouldn’t take this as any proof that small tanks are better for betta fish. There was a reason he was stressed in the 10-gallon tank, and it had nothing to do with tank size. I hope he does well in his new tank.

Do betta fish get Lonely in their tank?

No, Betta fish do not get lonely in their tank. As they’re naturally keeping watch over their territories, they always have work to do in the tank. They can try to injure or kill a new fish that’s introduced in the same tank.

Can a red tail shark live in a cichlid tank?

Yes, a single Red Tail Shark can live in a Cichlid community tank. In fact, the fish can often be seen inside a mixed Cichlid tank. In terms of personality, the Red Tail Shark, or the Epalzeorhynchos Bicolor, is known to be semi-aggressive.

What size tank do I need for a red tail shark?

The tank size for required would be about a 75 to 90-gallon at least with 1 Red Tail Shark and a harem of 5 to 6 Cichlid varieties.

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Do cichlids get along with sharks?

That makes them good companions for the Cichlids as they can take any aggression dished out to them by the bigger fish. Cichlids are definitely larger than the Red Tail Sharks and also possess some aggression in them that will balance out the personalities in your aquarium. What Cichlids Can Go With Sharks?

What do red tail shark fish need in their tank?

Therefore, the inclusion of rocks and aquatic caves is a must in a Red Tail Shark tank. You just need to ensure that the rocks and caves don’t have any prickly or sharp edges to them. Aquatic plants would act as additional hiding spots for them. Remember, these fish feed on plant matters.

Why is my betta fish acting sad?

Sometimes, a betta acts sad because he is sick. If your betta is lethargic, check the tank’s temperature and test the water. You may need to do a water change or turn up the heater.

How can you tell if a betta fish is in distress?

As well as skittish swimming behavior you may also notice him: rubbing and crashing into rocks, clamping his fins, darting to the bottom of the tank, and rubbing against the gravel. Hiding Another sign of stress is hiding. Every once in a while your betta will hide away and that’s fine.

Is it okay to keep a betta fish in a tank?

No, this is not okay for a betta fish. Betta fish need a lot of space to swim around and if you are keeping more than one together, this is even more important to allow them to keep their distance from each other.

What size aquarium is too big for a betta fish?

On the flipside, there is no such thing as an aquarium that is too big for a betta. Where possible, a bigger tank is always better. But if you are tight for space, a 5-gallon tank should be the bare minimum you consider.

How do I know if my betta fish is in shock?

One of the best ways to know if your betta fish is experiencing temperature shock is by checking the water temperature of the tank with a reliable thermometer. If the water temperature is drastically out of the ideal range (+/- 10 degrees), then you’re most likely dealing with a sick betta.