Can I ship a snake through FedEx?


Can I ship live animals with FedEx?

(This will result in animals being refused and returned to you at your expense!) The FedEx Centers that will accept live animals are the authorized ship centers that accept “Dangerous Goods” and have “Hold for Pickup” Available What Ship Center can my animals be held at for Pickup?

Which reptile has a near-endothermic physiology?

Today only the leatherback sea turtle ( Dermochelys coriacea) has a near-endothermic physiology. So far no reptile, living or extinct, has developed specialized skin glands for feeding its young. Black girdle-tailed lizard ( Cordylus nigra ).

Do reptile rescues get the donations they deserve?

While reptiles are popular pets, they are not as common as cats or dogs, so many of these rescues don’t receive the donations they deserve for the hard work their staff puts into rescuing these animals.

Can thebeardeddragon make donations to reptile rescues?

While would love to make donations to all of the reptile rescues listed below, we do not have the resources available to do this (after domain, hosting, and website maintenance fees we have very little revenue).

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What is the purpose of the reptile rescue centre?

Proteus is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of sick, injured and unwanted reptiles from all over the country. At any one time, we cater for up to 350 reptiles, from the smallest gecko to the largest monitor, from Corn snakes to giant pythons and everything inbetween.

Who are Proteus reptile Trust?

Who are we? Proteus Reptile Trust is a registered charity in the UK based in the West Midlands. Proteus is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of sick, injured and unwanted reptiles from all over the country.

How do we support the reptile rescue?

With help from the funds raised through our reptile shows and visits, we are able to support the rescue. We also greatly reply on our loyal customers and public donations to help keep the rescue running.

Why should I donate to a reptile or exotic animal?

Rescues all over the world over are full to bursting and in need of funds, so it’s important to show your support and donate or rescue a reptile or exotic animal before you purchase one from new. We are always willing to accept any kind donations that our customers or the public are willing to offer. No matter how big or small every little helps.

Why choose all reptile?

I found All Reptile after doing some research, and am happy to remain a loyal customer today, more than two years later. I would highly recommend the store to anyone that has reptiles; Karen and her staff can answer any question you have, make great recommendations, and have provided outstanding care through their boarding program to my reptile.

What should I do if I find an injured reptile or amphibian?

Reptiles and amphibians should be kept at room temperature while waiting for help. While you are waiting to hear back from a wildlife rehabilitator, keep the animal contained in a dark, quiet place. Don’t give it any food or water until you have spoken to a rehabilitator .

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Can you adopt a lizard from a shelter?

Lizard adoption is a wonderful way to provide a Lizard a second chance and caring environment. Most pets arrive at shelters because the owner had to move, could no longer afford the pet, had a death in the family, or simply gave up the responsibly of being a care taker for a Lizard.

How can I help a reptile in need?

Sponsoring is a great way to help a reptile in need! Find out how you can help… We have many reptiles in need of forever homes! Check out our reptiles for adoption… Love reptiles? Want to learn more about them?

How can I help reptiles in my garden?

Adopting wildlife gardening principles will generally benefit reptiles; for example, creating a wildflower meadow, growing native plant species and minimising use of chemical pesticides. However, there are other, specific features of gardens that can be of benefit to reptiles:

How to get rid of snakes shedding skin?

Wrapping your snake in warm wet towels may also work as the friction from the towels as your snake moves around may help remove the skin; some keepers place snakes with shedding difficulties in a wet cloth bag (such a pillowcase) for a few hours. Providing a humidity hide is also a good way to give a shedding snake access to a higher humidity area.

How do I keep snakes out of my Garden?

Allow areas of lawn to grow long to provide cover, for example along the sunny base of a hedge. Create log or brash piles to act as refuges. Do not disturb compost heaps used as grass snake egg-laying sites from June to September, or during the winter. If space allows, place reptile survey refuges in sunny locations.

Are tropical fish and reptiles safe as pets?

Those most at risk of illnesses and infections caused from handling reptiles and tropical fish are the elderly, children younger than five and people with weakened immune systems. Tropical fish, reptiles and turtles can be great pets. While they may not be cuddly they can be lovely and even affectionate companions.

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How to keep lizards in Your House?

Any old non-toxic building like old roofing iron can become a good home for lizards. Plants can grow around or over them so they can look quite tidy. Look around your backyard and find a warm, dry, sunny place. The most important thing for lizards is cover.

How to attract grass snakes to your garden?

Clearly to attract grass snakes a wildlife pond is a good idea but we should also aim to attract as much insect life as possible. To this end a mixture of native wildflowers is a good idea, these should be grown in a sheltered sunny area of the garden. Cultivated flowers rich in nectar are also good for insects.

Do snake repellent plants work to repel snakes?

The plant is robust and can grow even in drought conditions. It’s a potent natural snake repellent plant for deterring snakes along with fleas and mosquitoes. This plant is edible and effective in the treatment of cough, cold, headaches, and sinusitis. The flowers of this plant are also beautiful and enhance the beauty of any garden.

Do snakes eat plants in the garden?

Most gardens also have at least one or two beds that are devoted to food production, whether that means fruits or vegetables, and some also have an herb garden. Even gardens that are completely devoted to blossoms and blooms still most likely contain plenty of plants that would make a great meal for a snake.

How much does it cost to get a reptile license?

Licences cost $50 for one reptile and last for five years. If you would like to own more than one reptile, licences costs $63 per class for two years and $143 per class for years.