Can goldfish breed with other fish?


Do goldfish eat livebearers?

Out of the two species of platy fish, the variatus platy ( Xiphophorus variatus) can live in cooler waters. Some people don’t like livebearers because they can give birth to so many babies, but in this case, your goldfish will happily eat most of the fry and keep the population under control.

Can a fish live with a goldfish?

So for fish that will be kept at 80°F will definitely not be able to cope together with the goldfish. As the temperature will conflict with any of the two fish’s health by stressing them and making them fall sick and die. Meaning it is very important for any fish that will be a tank mate to have the same temperature as the goldfish.

Are goldfish good tank mates?

There are a few reasons why some goldfish are often considered to be a good tank mate for other species of dace fish. Even though there are many species of dace that are suitable for tankmates, there are several differences in the appearances and characteristics of many goldfish.

Do goldfish know when to stop eating?

Some goldfish might even eat smaller fish. The main takeaway is this: goldfish will eat almost anything, as long as it fits in their mouth! So, you have to be careful with goldfish food because goldfish truly don’t know when to stop eating. Let’s break this down to a list than I’ll explain in detail.

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What kinds of fish will eat goldfish?

Check out for aggressive fish that will prey on your goldfish. Goldfish are generally placid and playful animals that will not flourish in the presence of aggressive barbs, African cichlids, and other large cichlids.

What happens to a goldfish when it dies?

When a goldfish dies, the buoyancy of the swim bladder takes over. If it contains air, the goldfish will roll over and float to the top of the tank. However, if there is no air in its swim bladder, it will sink to the bottom and begin to decompose. During decomposition, the digestive system of the fish releases gases.

Should I worry if my Goldfish is not eating?

If your goldfish is not eating and seems perfectly normal otherwise, and your water quality is good, then don’t worry. Goldfish can go for weeks without eating without any adverse effects to their health.

Can a goldfish live in a 55 gallon tank?

Your goldfish won’t see them very often and they will swim away if the goldfish get nippy. They prefer to live in large aquariums so they can set-up territories, so I would not try to keep these guys in a tank under 55-gallons. If you provide plenty of places to hide and offer them sinking food, they’ll probably do well with your goldfish!

Does My Goldfish need a tank mate?

While it is impossible to pin down how your goldfish feels while swimming around the tank exactly, you can sense there might be requirements for a tank mate due to certain peculiar behaviors.

Are fancy goldfish aggressive?

The Fancy Goldfish are middle-dwelling species that are generally calm, and peaceful by nature, making it clean to the community fish list, if there is one. Their slow-swimming nature makes them opposite to the nature of chasing, or fishes of aggression.

What to feed goldfish to make them big?

What To feed Goldfish To Make Them Big? You can feed live food to your goldfish if you wish to make them big. Live foods are high in protein and will help your fish to grow. Only feed live food to your fish once a week max as a treat.

Why do goldfish Wiggle when they eat?

Feeding time can be a particularly pleasant time to be a goldfish owner. The event makes goldfish particularly happy, and they’ll often be waiting for you, wiggling in eager anticipation of their meal.

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How long can goldfish live in a pond without food?

Goldfish can easily live for a couple of weeks without food in the pond. A pond usually has various insects, algae, etc which is good food for the goldfish. If you are too concerned then you can add some plants in the pond and goldfish can eat them when they are hungry.

How long do goldfish live after an earthquake?

There is even a case published on the British news website The Telegraph where a goldfish survived for an impressive 134 days after an earthquake in New Zealand. The poor fish fed on algae and other tank inhabitants that had passed away. While this is a sad and extreme example, it shows the strength of goldfish.

Why did my Goldfish die suddenly?

Honestly, you may never know why your goldfish died suddenly, but there are a lot of reasons a seemingly healthy goldfish may die. Those reasons can all be grouped into three categories: injury, illness, and environment.

Can a dying goldfish be saved?

This article has been viewed 839,641 times. If you own goldfish and love having them as pets, it can be very distressing if they show signs of dying. There are many reasons a goldfish may die, from disease to depression. But by taking early steps, you may be able to save a dying goldfish and even enjoy him for 10-20 years. [1]

What does it mean when a fish dies in an aquarium?

Feng Shui believesthe more rapidly fishes move within an aquarium, the more “chi” they generate and more prosperity, wealth and happiness is attracted. If a fish dies (naturally), it probably has sacrificed its life for you. It is believed that the fish takes on something terrible meant for you or your family member.

What happens if a male goldfish chases a female?

Breeding Behaviors If you’ve seen goldfish breeding behavior before, you know it can be very physical and stressful to the fish, especially the female. Male goldfish will chase a female relentlessly until she releases her eggs. This can go on for days or even weeks and can lead to injuries like scale loss and fin injuries.

Is 7 goldfish too many for a 55 gallon?

So, yes, you have too many goldfish. Dojo loaches make great friends for goldfish. Here’s my suggestion: keep 1 fancy goldfish and keep a school of dojos (like 3?). 7 goldfish is way too many for a 55 gallon tank, unfortunately. How many you can have depends on what type of goldfish they are.

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Can You overstock a 100 gallon tank with goldfish?

If you were to overstock a 100 gallon tank by a 1-2 extra fish, it wouldn’t be as bad as having 1-2 extra fish in only 20 gallons of water. Can I Grow Out My Goldfish in a Smaller Tank?

What do goldfish eat in a goldfish tank?

The water in a goldfish tank should be de-chlorinated or you should buy aquarium water from a pet store. In the wild, goldfish eat aquatic plants, insect larvae, crustaceans, fish eggs and other smaller fish.

Are fantail goldfish aggressive?

These peaceful fish are non-aggressive and spend much of their time socializing and foraging in the substrate for scraps of food or grazing on algae. Fantail Fancy goldfish have large mouths and will quickly make a meal of very small fish such as Mosquitofish, White Cloud Minnows, and similar.

Why is my Goldfish attacking other goldfish?

This is a common aggression occurrence for goldfish during feeding time. This is brought on when other goldfish eat all the food before the others have had a chance to get enough to satiate them. Solution: Sprinkle food in different areas of the tank so that each goldfish can reach the food.

Are goldfish dangerous to cichlids?

While Goldfish themselves are predatory species, however, they are not extremely aggressive and would make easy prey for a more aggressive cichlid. Molly fish, Guppies, Gouramis, and a number of other species with rigorous warm temperature needs should also be avoided.

Are fancy goldfish difficult to keep?

Whereas if maintained alongside fast-swimming buddies, fancy goldfish may experience the opposite difficulty. The fancy goldfish frequently require special floating diets to fit their ponderous swimming style, and quick and efficient fish may consume all of their food.

Why is my Goldfish constipated and not swimming?

If the goldfish is constipated, the intestine will press on the swim bladder and cause this problem. It can also occur if the fish gulps down too much air or eats leftover food. The food may expand in its stomach and produce gas.