Can cichlids live with other fish?


Can angelfish and Malawi cichlids live together?

Since angelfish are a peaceful fish and the least aggressive of the cichlid species, it should not share a tank with a Malawi cichlid. The Malawi fish is a species of African cichlid and, as such, is known for its aggressive behaviour. The angelfish would not stand a chance!

Can leopard bushfish and African cichlids live together?

One of the main reasons why Leopard Bushfish can make a good tank mate with your African Cichlid is their aggressive behavior. The aggressive tendencies from the two fish make them a perfect match and there’s no doubt about it.

Can African cichlids live with other species?

For instance, African Cichlids prefer slightly alkaline water and can be very aggressive. You should also avoid keeping similar species of Cichlids together because they may produce undesirable hybrids. For instance, you should avoid putting two Auloncara species in the same aquarium.

Can angelfish and cichlids live together?

Most South American Cichlids, including the freshwater Angelfish, are peaceful and are often regarded as being quite shy. These fish are compatible with each other. Though they may consume smaller fish species, they normally don’t consume similar cichlids.

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What fish can live with angelfish?

An angelfish is a type of cichlid and is often considered one of the more docile of all known cichlid species. Since it is an example of a South American cichlid, other fish from the same continent such as the acara, hero, rainbow, and/or symphysodon species usually do well together in a communal tank.

Are cichlids compatible with other fish?

These fish are compatible with each other. Though they may consume smaller fish species, they normally don’t consume similar cichlids. Dwarf Cichlids are also a shy species that are compatible with each other. Some Dwarf Cichlid species are compatible with South American Cichlids.

Can African cichlids live with African red-eyed tetras?

African Cichlids are okay with African Red-Eyed Tetra, but they tend to be larger than Cichlids, so they do need a big enough tank for swimming. Their water parameters are about the same, and this alone makes them good tank mates.

Are leopard bush fish good with African cichlids?

The Leopard Bush fish is equally aggressive and that makes it a great match for the African Cichlid. Leopard fish enjoy tricking other fish into thinking they are just a piece of leaf in the water. They do this to prey-swim and attack smaller fish.

Can you keep African cichlids from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika together?

Also, it is not advisable to keep African Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika in the same tank with those from Lake Malawi. The two species thrive well in different aquatic environments. These species of fish don’t get along well with many fish when they are placed in the same tank. It doesn’t mean that they are solitary in their entirety.

Can cichlids live together in a tank?

Cichlid fish can live together in a tank, provided you only keep one of each species. Even the so-called non-aggressive cichlids can become territorial with other fish of the same or similar species.

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Are cichlids aggressive fish?

Despite most cichlids being highly aggressive fish in an aquarium community, several species of cichlids are calmer and more docile. Angelfish, for instance, are among the most docile of all cichlid species.

Why don’t I want angelfish in my Aquarium?

Big fish eat little fish, and angelfish are formidable ambush predators. The second reason is that you need to determine whether your tank is big enough for all the fish you’d like to include. Temperament: Is a fish aggressive or docile?

What fish can live with angelfish in a tank?

Redtail shark requires a large tank that is of 29 gallons and requires a temperature of 72 degrees F and 79-degrees F. Therefore they can be the best angelfish tank mate. Gourami, commonly known as Dwarf Gourami, is peaceful and shy.

Can angelfish and guppies live together?

Guppies are popular freshwater fish among beginners. They’re a hardy species that gets along with many other peaceful community fish. If you’re planning on keeping guppies with angelfish, add them to your tank while your angelfish are still young. This way they’ll grow up seeing guppies as tank mates and not potential food targets.

Do catfish get along with angelfish?

In terms of personality, these fish get along great with Angelfish because they are very shy. The one exception is that the males will fight each other, meaning you can only have one male per tank, but groups of females will not pose any issue to each other or your Angelfish. 3. Corydora Catfish

Can African red-eyed tetras live with African cichlids?

When placed in the same tank with the African Cichlids the African Red-Eyed Tetra thrive the best in the same tank conditions thus making the two fish good tank mates. One of the most intriguing things about the African Red-Eyed Tetra is that they are not picky when taking their meals.

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What are the best African cichlid tank mates?

Let’s start with a few African Cichlid Tank Mates. 1. Botia Loaches (Clown Loach) 2. Red-Tail Shark 3. Red Rainbow Fish 4. Giant Danios 5. African Red Eyed Tetra 6. Pleco 7. Scavenger (upsidedown) Catfish 8. Leopard Bushfish Temperament and Behaviour: Are Cichlids Aggressive? Cichlid Lifespan: How Long Do Cichlids Live?

Can plecos live with African cichlids?

However, plecos can not live on algae alone. If you have a very large tank, African red-eyed tetras can make good tankmates for African cichlids because they are large tetras, have the same water requirements, and will eat the same food. Providing enough food will also reduce stress and aggressive tendencies.

What kind of fish can live with a leopard bush fish?

Suitable tank mates for the Leopard Bush Fish include Bala Sharks, Corydoras, Medium-sized Gouramis, plecostomus, Silver Dollars and Ancistrus Catfish, basically any fish that will not fit into their mouths. Leopard Bush Fish enjoy plenty of space to swim around and places to hide.

Where do African cichlids live?

African Cichlids are found in popular African lakes such as Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Victoria. They are the most populous Cichlid species in the world.

What are the best African cichlids to keep together?

Another great type of African cichlid to keep together are African Butterfly cichlids. Found in savannah wetlands and shallow forest streams, these stunning fish are on the smaller side, and look amazing in just about any tank setting. These cichlids are shy, peaceful, and can be kept in groups of eight or more.

Do African cichlids need water movement?

For example, African Cichlids from great lakes don’t need much water movement, unlike South American rivers Cichlids.