Projects and Creations

20120423-165245.jpgHere’s a place that we experiment a good bit. Often there are designs or ideas of concepts that have to be tried, but they don’t fit into any one particular category. Here is where we put those projects. It’s not that they aren’t valuable, they just don’t fall well into one of the other categories and often our projects are worked on in the garage or backyard. The vast majority of our projects are geared toward the average person. No special tools are generally needed and can be done with power tools or hand tools alike. Simplicity is often the ultimate goal so that they can be replicated and improved upon rather easily.

Some upcoming thoughts on projects include how to further repurpose and reuse waste materials in our own communities, at a community level. There are some ideas floating around and they sound like some good ones but we will have to raise some money to fund it. The available funds for future expensive projects is done with. Maybe the chickens will lay a golden egg.

The greenhouse program will be expanded hopefully. The sheeting is bad already after one summer season. It almost made it one year from VisQueen that was leftover from a home project. It was pieced together but overall it looked nice until it started to break and crack apart easily. I sold some Coleman lanterns that I had, some from 1942 and 1945 and some other old similar WW2 gear to buy enough panels to cover the roof with polycarbonate corrugated panels. They are UV resistant and should last more than a few years. There is discussion about using quail, rabbits, or chickens along with a compost bin, to keep or add warmth to the greenhouse in the winter time. In Seattle it isn’t terribly cold generally but it is cold enough to need supplemental heat because we don’t get enough clear sunlight to warm a greenhouse sufficiently in winter.

There is a few other small projects going on at the time. The MicroGreens have just had the potting mix all mixed and put into trays and planted. There’s already an article about growing MicroGreens but this one will supplement the previous article with more information and some better pictures.

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