Are Rosy tetras schooling fish?


Is Hyp Hyphessobrycon rosaceus good for aquarium?

Hyphessobrycon rosaceus is a peaceful species of tetra and does best in the aquarium with other tank mates (except predator fish) as long as you keep them in small groups. Rosy Tetra is a hardy fish that can adapt to a variety of water conditions; however, extremely hard water condition can cause color fade.

How to choose the right filter for Araguaia?

In the Araguaia drainage such habitats typically contain soft, weakly acidic water with the substrate covered by a layer of fallen leaves and branches. Aquarium base dimensions of at least 45 ∗ 30 cm or equivalent are suggested. It is advised to find a filter which has a water flow between 4-5 times the volume of your aquarium.

What is hyphyphessobrycon?

Hyphessobrycon was raised by Durbin in Eigenmann (1908) as a subgenus of Hemigrammus, differing from the latter by the absence of scales on the caudal-fin.

Is Hyphessobrycon in the phylum Astyanax?

Their results suggest that Hyphessobrycon is a member of a clade also containing the genera Astyanax, Astyanacinus, Moenkhausia, Inpaichthys, and Hemigrammus, of which all species possess five or more teeth in the inner series of the premaxilla.

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What kind of fish is Hyphessobrycon socolofi?

Weitzman, S. H., 1977 – Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 90 (2): 326-347 Hyphessobrycon socolofi, a new species of characoid fish (Teleostei: Characidae) from the Rio Negro of Brazil.

What does Hyphessobrycon mean?

Hyphessobrycon: from the Ancient Greek υπελάσσων (hyphesson), meaning ‘of lesser stature’, used as a prefix in this case, plus the generic name Brycon. socolofi: named for legendary American ornamental fish trader Ross Socolof (1925-1999).

What do you feed Hyphessobrycon socolofi?

Hyphessobrycon socolofi – Spotfin Tetra 1 Origin. Brazil, Rio Negro. 2 Diet. The fish is omnivorous, but he prefers live food. Frozen and dry food is accepted as well. 3 Breeding Hyphessobrycon socolofi. Breeding is not difficult. You should feed them very well. At a temperature of 27°C… More

How many species are in the genus Hyphessobrycon?

With around 150 described species and new ones being described yearly, this genus is among the largest of the entire order; Hyphessobrycon also has more than 145 species and which one is larger at any one time depends on whether more species have been recently described in one or the other.

Is there a new species of Astyanax Baird&Girard?

Camelier, P., and A. M. Zanata. “A new species of Astyanax Baird & Girard (Characiformes: Characidae) from the Rio Paraguaçu basin, Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil, with comments on bony hooks on all fins.” Journal of fish biology 84.2 (2014): 475-490.

Where do fish eat in an aquarium?

Since they’re bottom feeders that’s usually where you’ll find them, nibbling away at algae and driftwood. They’ll also feed on the sides of the aquarium, allowing for great photo ops!

Is Aqueon aquarium plant food good for aquarium plants?

Aqueon Aquarium Plant Food will bring huge change in your fish tank once you added this to your aquatic plants. Wouldn’t it be a great sight to behold if your fish and aquarium plants are all healthy and flourishing inside the aquarium?

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Is API leaf zone good for fish tank plants?

API Leaf Zone Aquarium Plant Food If you hope to purchase an aquarium liquid fertilizer that is affordable and good enough to take care of your fish tank plants, then API Leaf Zone is a great choice. This size is big enough and as a matter of fact, 5 ml is already sufficient to manage a 10-gallon fish tank.

What kind of fish is Hyphessobrycon?

Hyphessobrycon is a genus of freshwater fish in the family Characidae. These species are among the fishes known as tetras. The genus is distributed in the Neotropical realm from southern Mexico to Río de la Plata in Argentina.

Is Hyphessobrycon a tetra?

A new species of Hyphessobrycon (Teleostei: Characidae) from the Neblina region of Venezuela and Brazil, with comments on the putative `rosy tetra clade’. Zur Systematik einiger Blutsalmler oder “Rosy Tetras” (Teleostei: Ostariophysi: Characidae).

What is the origin of the word Hyphessobrycon?

The generic name, Hyphessobrycon, is of slightly uncertain origin. The second part derives from the Greek βρύκω (to bite); the first, derives from an ostensible Greek hyphesson, which may be an error for υπελάσσων (slightly smaller).

What kind of fish is Hyphessobrycon pyrrhonotus?

Hyphessobrycon pyrrhonotus, a new species of bleeding heart tetra (Teleostei: Characidae) from the Rio Erere, Brazil. Relationships among characiform fishes inferred from analysis of nuclear and mitochondrial gene sequences.

How do you identify Hyphessobrycon?

By this definition, Hyphessobrycon is identified by the presence of an adipose fin, incomplete lateral line, two tooth series in the premaxilla, with the teeth of the external series continuous in a single series, teeth not strictly conical, preventral scales arranged in more than one row and lack of scales in the caudal fin.

What kind of fish is Astyanax douradilho?

” Astyanax douradilho, a new characid fish from the rio Tramandaí system, southern Brazil (Characiformes: Characidae)” (PDF). Zootaxa. 3794 (3): 492–500. doi: 10.11646/zootaxa.3794.3.10. PMID 24870337. ^ Ingenito, L.F.S. & Duboc, L.F. (2014).

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What kind of fish is Astyanax pelecus?

Astyanax pelecus is a species of characid fish from Brazil. It can be distinguished from its cogenerate species by: its body depth (26. 7-34. 8% of its standard length); its short and pointed snout smaller than the orbital diameter; and a reduced number of branched anal fin rays. A.

Is API leaf zone plant fertilizer safe to use with fish?

Yes, API LEAF ZONE plant fertilizer is safe to use with all freshwater invertebrates, such as shrimp or snails. Do you need to remove your fish when API LEAF ZONE™ plant fertilizer is applied to your tank? No, API LEAF ZONE plant fertilizer is safe to use in tanks with fish.

Why is leaf zone not available in API?

Translation: your plants are fairly low maintenance and are currently living off fish waste and flakes in the tank. Because API assumes that you have a high-bioload tank with a ton of nitrogen and phosphorus, the only macronutrient you’re missing is potassium, which Leaf Zone provides.

Do fish tank plants need fertilizers?

Some aquarium owners believe that fertilizers are the sole reasons for algae proliferation. For a fact, if you do not add fertilizer, your fish tank plants will be deprived of the indispensable components required for proper growth. If your aquarium plants start to perform weakly, then there is a greater possibility of algae buildup.

What is the best aquarium plant food?

API Leaf Zone Aquarium Plant Food 2. Seachem Flourish 3. Thrive Aquarium Plant Fertilizer 4. Glosso Factory All in one Planted Aquarium Fertilizer 5. Seachem Flourish Tabs Growth Supplement 6. Thrive+ All-in-One Liquid Fertilizer 7. API ROOT TABS Freshwater Aquarium Plant Fertilizer 8. Luffy Marimo Fertilizer 9. Aqueon Aquarium Plant Food 10.

Is Aqueon fertilizer good for plants?

Aqueon is a well-established manufacturer of very high-quality products, and this liquid aquatic plant fertilizer is packed with all the macro and micronutrients your plants need to thrive and grow.