Are Norwegian Forest Cats available in the US?


When was the first Norwegian Forest cat imported to the United States?

The first Norwegian forest cats were imported into the United States in 1979. The Norwegian forest cat was accepted for championship status with The International Cat Association in 1984. The Cat Fanciers Association accepted the Norwegian forest cat for full championship status in 1993.

What is the official cat of Norway?

The Norwegian forest cat is the official cat of Norway. The wegie arrived in Norway hundreds, and perhaps even thousands of years ago. Some believe Turkish traders brought their favorite cat up north with them when they came to trade, while others believe the cat was one of the many treasures brought back during the Crusades.

Are there any Norwegian Forest cats in the US?

Referred to in the local language as “Norsk skogkatt”, it is currently the fifth most popular cat in France. Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in North America aren’t terribly common. But there are a few reputed ones registered with the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

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How much does it cost to get a Norwegian Forest Cat tagged?

Toe Nail trim – $27.00 In order for your city to properly track your Norwegian Forest Cat, it’ll need to be tagged, registered, and licensed. According to Pierce County in Washington, the license fee for a neutered cat is $12, while an unneutered cat is $55.

Are Norwegian Forest cats good with other pets?

Like Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats are an intelligent, robust and playful breed. They like the outdoors, are well suited to cold conditions and are great hunters. Despite their great affection for the outdoors however, they enjoy the company of humans and other pets and will sometimes go looking for company if their owner is out.

Did the Norwegian Forest Cat travel with the Vikings?

Large and powerful Norwegian Forest Cats are believed to have traveled with the Vikings. Today, they are intelligent and active cats who love to play. Norwegian Forest Cats may have been palling around with Vikings back in the day.

What age can you breed Norwegian Forest cats with hips?

Norwegian Forest Cats who will be bred should have their hips x-rayed and graded at 2 years of age. Ask the breeder to show evidence that a Wegie kitten’s parents have hips that have been rated as fair, good or excellent.

What do Norwegian Forest cats need to live?

The Norwegian forest cat needs a large bed, cat flap, and other accessories and of course, they also get through a lot of food!

Why do Norwegian Forest cats have winter coats?

Because they originated in a cold climate with long winters, Norwegian Forest cats developed built-in winter wear to help them survive the harsh weather. Not only do they have long, double-layered coats that retain warmth and repel water, but their ears and toes are tufted, too.

What kind of cat is a Norse cat?

Norse legends refer to a “mountain-dwelling fairy cat with an ability to climb sheer rock faces that other cats could not manage.” Some believe they are the descendants of Turkish longhaired cats, brought back from the Byzantium Empire by Nordic warriors. Others believe they may be related to the Russian Siberian cat.

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Do Norwegian Forest cats get along with other cats?

Like most pets, the Norwegian Forest Cat gets along with some animals more so than others. For example, Norwegian Forest Cats tend to get along well with other cats, which should come as welcome news to cat owners who are thinking about getting a member of this particular cat breed for their own.

Are there any stories about cats in Norse mythology?

There are a number of tales of cats mentioned in Scandinavian folklore. The Norse god Freya (Freyja) drove a chariot pulled by two cats. These are referred to in the Prose Edda as ‘gib-cats’ and are depicted as grey or blue in colour.

Did the Vikings take their cats with them on long voyages?

A new DNA study conducted by a group of geneticists with Oxford University and presented at the International Symposium on Biomolecular Archaeology has revealed that the Vikings even took their cats on long voyages with them to neighboring countries. The study was done by sequencing the DNA of 209 cats that lived between 15,000 and 3,700 years ago.

How active are Norwegian Forest cats?

MEDIUM: Norwegian Forest Cats are moderately active and interactive. They love to play and enjoy being on high surfaces, so cat towers or trees are a must for this breed. These cats can also climb virtually any surface and are quite resourceful. After all that play, they love a long nap.

What do Norwegian Forest cats have in common?

THEY HAVE BUILT-IN WINTER CLOTHES. Although Norwegian Forest cats can be any color or pattern, they do have one thing in common: a long, double-layered coat that repels water. (They also have tufted ears and toes, which work like built-in earmuffs and boots.)

When did the Norwegian Forest cat breed become a breed?

In 1977, the Norwegian Forest cat breed was officially accepted as a recognized breed by the Fédération Internationale Féline. Two years later, the first breeding pair of Norwegian Forest cats arrived in America. And in 1987, the breed was officially accepted by the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

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Are Norwegian Forest cats good with dogs?

Despite the breed’s reputation for having quite an independent streak, Norwegian Forest Cats are loyal to their favorite people and are perfectly capable of making friends with other pets including well behaved dogs and other friendly felines. If you see similarities between the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Maine Coon, you’re not imagining things!

What happened to the Norwegian Forest Cat?

Norwegian Forest Cats were almost lost as a distinct breed through hybridization with the free-roaming domestic shorthairs in Norway. Interest was aroused among Norwegian cat fanciers who became determined to save the breed, but World War II put a hold on their efforts.

What is a forest cat?

Called “skogkatt” in Norwegian, which translates to “forest cat,” this breed is a favorite animal among Norse mythology and tales. The goddess Freyja was said to have the giant cats pulling her chariot into battle. Thor once lost a contest of strength to Loki’s son, Jormundgand, who was disguised as a forest cat at the time.

Can a Norwegian Forest Cat be left alone?

As such, they are best suited to households where at least one person stays at home when everyone else is out of the house. They form strong ties with their families, but unlike many other breeds, the Norwegian Forest Cat does not mind being left on their own as long as it is not for too long.

What do Norwegian Forest cats like to do for fun?

After all that play, they love a long nap. Keep your Norwegian Forest Cat indoors or in an enclosed outdoor play area. These cats are not only susceptible to theft, but the breed’s playful temperament means these cats also may not recognize outdoor dangers.