Are my cory catfish happy?


Should I panic about my Cory fish?

But the fish shows signs of shock / weakness, not obvious illness, so I wouldn’t panic. Wait a few days and try again with another cory. Go slowly. Good luck, and I am sorry about your loss. I can’t see anything you “did wrong,” nor any signs of illness or trouble. Abs.

How much water do you change a Cory?

You don’t need to do a massive water change. You might want to do 25%. Next time, try drip acclimation—it only takes about 45 minutes, and is much easier on the fish. Then, when you put the fish in, keep the lights off for a few hours (or the rest of the day, if you are close to sundown). Really, it may just have been a fragile cory.

Is it hard to lose a Cory?

Cories can be so much fun when they’re doing their thing, but it’s harder to lose them just because they have so much personality. If you don’t have a liquid test kit, get one so you can start to measure toxins in the water.

How do you acclimate a Cory fish?

Next time, try drip acclimation—it only takes about 45 minutes, and is much easier on the fish. Then, when you put the fish in, keep the lights off for a few hours (or the rest of the day, if you are close to sundown). Really, it may just have been a fragile cory.

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What to do if a fish dies?

Only a normal one, though it’s a good idea if you can’t quarantine, at least to try to acclimate, and then to do a partial water change after any fish death. also, if a fish goes missing, it’s important to try to find it, lift decorations, sift gravel, otherwise the decomposing body, if it’s in the tank, will spike ammonia too.

How to care for your pet fish?

Keep your fish’s water clean, but not sterile. Good bacteria is necessary in the water to help maintain your fish’s health. Your tank develops a natural balance that supports your pet fish. To avoid changing the water completely, you can do it 10%-15% at a time to allow for the introduction of new water over time.

How to release a fish into an aquarium?

For releasing the fish into the aquarium, you will need a small net. Dip the net into the bag, gently lift the fish out of the bag and place it into your aquarium. You should use a slow swooping method to lift the fish gently. Make sure that the fish does not get tangled in the net.

Do you have to remove the fish when a fish dies?

So, as a rule of thumb, always remove your fish, but you do not have to remove the fish or the water from the aquarium when a fish dies. It’s probably good practice to investigate.

What happens if a fish dies in warm water?

Corpses will start to rot quickly in the warm water, causing sudden increases of dissolved ammonia. The decaying process isn’t the only problem that you might face. If a fish has died from a disease, you do not want any other fish eating the body. I know it sounds cruel, but this is something almost all fish/snails/shrimp do.

How do I know if my fish is dead?

Test the tank water for Nitrite, Nitrate, Ammonia and even PH. Check the temperature as well as sometimes aquarium heaters are faulty and heat up or cool down when they are not supposed too. What To Do With My Dead Fish Now?

How can I reduce water waste in my fish tank?

You can help combat the need for water changes by feeding less, or simply keeping less fish. There is also the option of getting a larger aquarium. When you add more water volume to the same amount of fish, you’ll spread the waste out over more water, resulting in fewer parts per million.

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How to change the water in a fish aquarium?

How to Change the Water in a Fish Aquarium 1 Method 1 of 3: Check the Water to Decide If It Needs Changed Download Article. Look to see if the water is cloudy. … 2 Method 2 of 3: Remove Part of the Water From the Tank Download Article. You do not need to change all of the water. … 3 Method 3 of 3: Put in the Clean Water Download Article.

How do you take care of a fish at the pet store?

The employees at the pet store should be able to teach you how to make sure your fish get comfortable before you release them into your aquarium. Once the fish are in the tank, you’ll want to watch them closely to make sure they don’t get sick. Feed them in small amounts a few times a day.

How do I choose the right food for my pet fish?

Pick diets suitable for your animal’s feeding behaviors. Fish that swim at the top and middle of the tank often prefer floating flakes or pellets, while bottom-feeders benefit from sinking pellets and wafer diets.

Do you have to remove dead fish from the water?

Once that fish dies, those parasites and diseases have already moved on to the water column or to other fish. So, it’s already in your system. You don’t have to worry about removing the fish to prevent this disease from spreading.

How to reduce nitrate in fish tank?

How To Reduce Nitrate 1 Keep Live Plants. Keeping live plants is a very good long-term strategy for keeping nitrate levels balanced in your tank. 2 Keep Your Tank Clean. … 3 Use Nitrate-removing Filter Media. … 4 Carry Out Weekly Water Changes. … 5 Use A Denitrator Filter. … 6 Install A Refugium. … 7 Use Microbes.

How do you fix a fish tank that keeps dying?

Immediately do a 50% water change. Vacuum your gravel. Remove any uneaten food. Remove any rotting plants. Look for any dead fish. Ensure your filter isn’t clogged and it is flowing freely. Cut down on feeding.

What kind of dog food should I buy for my Dog?

Dry dog food may come in the form of kibbles, biscuits or pellets. Wet food may come in a gravy sauce or contain chunks of jelly (sounds disgusting but dogs love it). Raw dog food is often frozen and has a high meat content. When buying dog food, check whether it is ‘complete’ or ‘complementary’.

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What kind of fish can you keep as a pet?

Choose between freshwater or saltwater fish; low-activity animals like starfish; shelled creatures like crabs and sea snails; or even less common pets like eels and shrimp. Read about various aquatic creatures, their needs, and the feasibility of keeping them.

What should I look for when buying dog food?

When buying dog food, check whether it is ‘complete’ or ‘complementary’. A ‘complete’ meal is one that will adequately satisfy your pet on its own. ‘Complementary’ food, on the other hand, needs to be supplemented with another food.

How do I choose a pet?

To choose a pet, start by researching different animals online and the amount of care they require. For example, if you’re not home most of the day, look into pets like fish or reptiles, which don’t need much interaction. Alternatively, if you want a social pet that will become part of the family, consider a dog or cat.

How to store fish properly?

Between the time you bring whole fish or filleted fish home from the market and eat it, store it properly in the refrigerator. Doing it right is not difficult, but it is best done with a little extra equipment.

What do you do with live fish when you bring them home?

Here’s what to do when you bring your fish home: Take the fish out of the store packaging. Rinse it under cold water and use paper towels to dry the fish. Place the fish on the rack. Don’t let the fish touch or overlap. Set the rack with fish inside the large container.

How long does it take for a dead fish to rot?

The size of your fish tank determines how fast its water will get polluted if a dead fish is left in there to rot. A small fish decomposing in a 30-gallon aquarium will likely take a whole day before the water becomes foul. However, a fish that has died in a 5-gallon tank could pollute its water almost immediately.

When should you remove a dead fish from your tank?

A dead fish should be removed from its tank immediately after you’ve found out about the incident. This is because when a fish dies it starts to decompose right away, which could foul the water in the aquarium.