Are mollies sensitive fish?


Are female Mollies friendly?

In general, mollies are very friendly and peaceful fish including female mollies. Females are not fighting. But there are exceptions. When female molly fish are pregnant, they may get aggressive.

Why is my male Molly chasing other fish?

Most often, you will find your male Molly chasing a female for the purpose of mating. This is perfectly normal behavior and typically doesn’t cause any harm to either fish. If your mollies are breeding, then you’ll see an uptick in this kind of aggressively chasing other fish.

What kind of fish can you keep with a Molly fish?

Therefore, you can keep many fish species with molly fish. But do not keep large and more aggressive species with molly fish. Because mollies are small fish. Hence large fish can eat them. However, there are many types of fish that can be kept with molly fish.

What does a Molly fish eat?

Its diet is that of an omnivorous fish, feeding on flake, frozen and freeze-dried foods. As with any live-bearing fish, make sure females outnumber males by 2-3 to one. This molly variety enjoys a planted aquarium and requires good water conditions for optimal health. Experience Level: Beginner Max Size: 4 Inches Temperament: Peaceful

Are black mollies aggressive to goldfish?

Because black mollies are virtually the same as the common mollies. molly fish aggression cannot predict and sometimes they may be friendly and maybe aggressive. Sometimes black molly fish tend to nip the fins of goldfish and have the probability of eating the slime off the goldfish.

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What happens if you put two Mollies in the same tank?

Avoid adding other aggressive or larger fish in the same tank because they may attempt to eat the mollies or stress them to the point of death. But, more than anything, keep your fish tank clean to avoid your fish contacting “molly disease” (or “livebearer disease”, or “shimmies”).

Why is my male Molly chasing my female molly fish?

Also, when they are breeding, you can see aggressive behavior. In this time, male molly aggressively fights with other molly fish because of the mating rituals that involve attention and seeking behavior. Further, male molly is chasing female molly with the purpose of mating.

Can you put snails in a Molly fish tank?

If you’re looking for something other than fish to add to your molly fish tank, snails are a good choice. You can include nerite snails, rabbit snails, trumpet snails and ramshorn snails. You should provide them coverage in the form of live plants. They will feed on soft algae that grows in the aquarium as well as leftover flakes.

What are the easiest fish to care for in a tank?

Zebra Danios are beautiful black and white striped fish that originate from some parts of India and Bangladesh. The fish are a favorite among aquarium owners, one of the easiest tank fish to keep. They can survive in a wide range of temperatures and varying tank conditions. 6. White Cloud Minnows (Easiest Fish To Care For In A Bowl)

Can Mollies live with other fish in the same tank?

Rocks and grottos give your school of mollies somewhere safe to retreat if you have more aggressive tank mates. Just remember, mollies prefer to swim in the middle and upper part of the water column. Most schooling fish have calm natures. That makes it tempting to pair mollies with other shoals.

What can Mollies eat?

Food items Mollies can eat Green colored Feed Protein-Rich Foods Aquatic Plants Daphnia Zucchini Fry Mollies Peas Protein Pallets Lettuce Brine Shrimps 5 more rows

Do black molly fish get along with goldfish?

It is recommended to keep black molly keeps with goldfish. Because black mollies are virtually the same as the common mollies. molly fish aggression cannot predict and sometimes they may be friendly and maybe aggressive. Sometimes black molly fish tend to nip the fins of goldfish and have the probability of eating the slime off the goldfish.

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Do black mollies like warm or cold water?

Black mollies are tropical fish, and they thus prefer warmer water in the range of 70 to 80ºF. The fish also thrive in stable water temperatures, and sudden changes will affect their health. An aquarium heater ranks as the most effective method of maintaining stable temperatures in a fish tank.

Can you have too many male mollies?

If you have too many boy mollies, then you’ll likely have a lot of aggression and a lot of fighting. To eliminate male mollies fighting each other, it is advised to have only one male Molly fish for every three females.

How do I know if my mollies are mating?

One sign is this aggressive chasing of female mollies around the tank. Also, if you notice your male mollies splitting up into groups and giving much attention to a female – then they are likely looking for that female to become a mating partner. If you have too many boy mollies, then you’ll likely have a lot of aggression and a lot of fighting.

Do mystery snails need a lid on their tank?

Mystery Snails: A Mystery Snail is a great addition because they are another that will clean the bottom of your tank of uneaten food and algae. If there is a downside, it is they are experts in escaping from fish tanks, so you do need a lid on your tank.

Can you add snails to a fish tank?

Second, wild snails carry parasites that will fall into your tank water for months. There is no treatment for this, and these parasites can affect your entire tank and not just your fish. Read on, and you can learn more about adding snails to your aquarium.

Why are there different types of mollies?

The vegetation provides sufficient hiding places from the birds and other predators that feed on them. It also serves as a hunting ground for the invertebrates and algae they prefer to feed on. The types are divided by size and shape into shortfin mollies and sailfin mollies. Shortfin mollies resemble platies with deeper chests.

Do Mollies need more than one male?

More males aren’t necessary, especially because of their constant pursuit of females, which will put too much stress on female mollies. Female molly fish are constantly pregnant if male mollies are around and even when they aren’t it’s possible for the female fish to become pregnant.

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How many fry can a Mollie fish have?

Mollies can breed up to 100 fry at one time plus they breed quite often, so expect a lot of fry if you attempt to breed them. While they do produce a lot of fry, they’re also very bad at keeping them alive. Adult mollies don’t care for their fry and they’ll eat them if they’re not separated from them.

How to care for platies and Mollies in an aquarium?

Filtration, as well as aeration, is a must for raising healthy fish, especially platies and mollies. Remember to feed your guppies, mollies, platies, swordtails and other livebearers in limit twice a day. Also, cleaning your aquarium only by a partial amount of 30% once to twice a week.

What is the difference between platys and mollies?

Platys tend to have shorter rounder bodies. A Molly is a longer sleeker fish. I find Mollies also have more of an upturned mouth. Both are Livebearers but they cannot crossbreed with each other.

Can Mollies get sick from eating too much?

Like all the fish out there, mollies will keep on eating and overeating which can make them sick. In regards to the amount of food that you should feed your molly, the best thing to do is not feed them more than they can devour in five minutes.

What are the best frozen foods for Mollies?

Some of the best-frozen foods for mollies include shrimp, bloodworms, daphnia and brine. A lack of fresh food in the diet of mollies makes them sexually inactive.

How often should I Feed my Molly Fry?

The digestion cycle of molly fry is short, therefore, they’ll be ready to eat as soon as every half hour. You shouldn’t feed them that often, of course, but you should aim for at least 5 feedings a day. As with any fish or fry, overfeeding can be a problem. Also, scoop out any uneaten food so as not to foul the aquarium.

How many babies do Mollie fish have?

Once the female is impregnated, she can give birth to as many as five or more broods of young at intervals of four to six weeks. The number of each brood may vary from 12 to 15 babies from a young Mollie to as many as 150 young from a large swordtail. You Might Also Like: Do Molly Fish Interbreed? Why do mother fish eat their babies?