Are guppies easy to raise?


How hard is it to keep a guppy fish?

Guppies aren’t too difficult to keep. Their primary difference from commonly kept goldfish is that they are tropical freshwater fish and must be kept at mid-70’s temperature, most often listed as 76 degrees Fahrenheit as optimum. To maintain an even temperature, you’ll want to have a heater in your tank with a thermostat.

Why get guppies as a pet?

Guppy fish are one of the most popular types of tropical fish kept as freshwater aquarium pets. And for good reason, they are colorful, beautiful, and easy fish to raise. Here are 10 reasons to get guppies as a pet. With so many different types of guppies, it might be hard to choose which breed to keep as a pet.

How many Guppies should be kept together?

Note: Keep in mind that Guppies should be kept in 3 or more since they live in shoals. If you are keeping them in a bowl then only keep one type of sex, otherwise they will start breeding and you will need more space. Read our How to Identify Between a Male and Female Guppy Fish article to learn how to tell the Guppy’s sex apart.

Can you keep guppies in a tropical fish tank?

Guppies are freshwater fish, you cannot keep them in a tropical fish tank. Salt water will kill them. Create a free account with and join our community today. You might not have the temperature at the right degree for the guppies to survive and thrive.

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What should I do if my guppies are not eating?

If there is any uneaten food, remove it immediately. 1″ of fish (length-wise) for every 3 gallons of water. Avoid placing your fish bowl, where the temperature can change dramatically (for example, near window/door, near heater). Note: Keep in mind that Guppies should be kept in 3 or more since they live in shoals.

Will adult guppies eat baby guppy fry?

Adult guppies will eat baby guppies. To care for the baby fry, you can keep them in a separate tank or add live plants and decorations so that they can hide. Guppies can tolerate various water conditions for periods of time and can even survive without food for 2-3 weeks.

What kind of tail does a GUPPY have?

Male guppies are more colorful and have various tail fins of many different shapes. For example, flag tail, lyretail, pintail, etc. There are even guppies with huge pectoral fins that resemble ears. These guppies are called dumbo ear guppy. Some guppies known as mosaic guppy have a mosaic pattern on their tails.

Can guppies live together in a tank?

Yes, guppies can live together. They are schooling fish and so like to be kept in groups. Guppies are peaceful fish. However, they can get aggressive and start fighting with each other if the male-to-female ratio is incorrect, there is overcrowding in the tank, or if they don’t get sufficient food.

How to keep male guppies in a tank?

Choose a large and tall fish tank When you are keeping only male guppies in the tank then you should choose a larger tank so you can keep more fish in the tank. Keeping more male guppies in a tank will help to spread out the aggression. So all the guppies will not target only one guppy.

How flexible are guppies?

Guppies are fairly flexible as far as fish go, but it is still important to know what conditions need to be satisfied so you can have the healthiest guppies possible. The first, and probably one of the most important aspects of your tank is its size.

Are aquarium plants good for guppies?

Aquarium plants are not only great for guppies (and other fish) to hide within, but they can also serve some other functions within your aquarium. First of all, they look great.

What to do if your Guppy is having trouble swimming?

If you notice that your fish is having troubles swimming then you need to treat them as soon as you can as this is an extreme case. To cure constipation in guppies you should feed them high fiber soft foods such as bailed peas. The high fiber will act as a laxative to the fish will will help to cure the constipation

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How to stop guppy fish from eating their babies?

You can easily stop guppy fish from eating their babies by keeping both of them separate from each other. You can keep the babies in a separate tank with slightly warmer temperatures and some toys to play with. By giving them the right amount of nutritious food, you can help them grow well.

What should I Feed my guppy fish food?

Your guppy should be eating fish food that is high in protein. You can also supplement some vegetables into your guppy’s diet, such as peas or lettuce. If there is a lot fo extra food, you’re feeding your guppy too much. 5) Guppies are rubbing their bodies up against rocks, plants, and decorations.

What kind of guppies have different colors on their tails?

Multi or Party Colored guppies have at least 3 or more distinct colors in their tails, and are often combined with body or scale patterns. Each color must cover at least 15% of the tail, and their dorsal fins should match their tails in both colors and patterns. 47. Panda Guppies

What are the differences between male and female guppies?

Male guppies are generally considered to be the most desirable, especially for folks interested in showing fish. They come in a huge variety of rainbow and metallic colors and patterns, but their signature feature is usually their fancy tails. Female guppies are larger and lack the fancy tail shapes.

What does it mean when a guppy has a broken tail?

The fish’s fin and/or tail will look like it’s torn, ragged or have white edged holes, red streaks or white edges. Sometimes the fins and tails might looks like it’s stuck together. The Guppy fish will look like they’re missing fins and/or tail. Cause — It is usually caused by bacteria that have infected a bullied fish’s fins and tails.

Can guppies live with shrimp?

Generally, fish and shrimp are not a good combination because newborn shrimp end up as food for the fish, but Guppies can be an exception, especially that Red Cherry Shrimp are fast breeders.

Can guppies live with dither fish?

These fast-swimming, active fish occupy all tank levels and are often used as dither fish (their high activity levels may annoy your guppies). They have a narrow temperature and pH tolerance but are well within the guppy’s range. This species cannot be kept on its own and needs a group of at least five.

What are the pros and cons of an all male guppy tank?

Having said that, the biggest advantage of keeping an all-male guppy aquarium is that you can control the population of fish in your tank. Female guppies breed like crazy, and in no time, your tank will be overcrowded with fry.

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Why do guppies chase each other around the tank?

While in the aquarium, the male guppies will often be seen chasing the female around the tank. They display their vibrant colors to the female in an attempt to please them and mate with them. If you have more males in an aquarium, they will continually chase the fewer females in the tank causing them stress.

Can you keep Female guppies in a fish tank?

It is therefore advisable to keep female guppies in your tank. You should maintain a good male to female ratio in your tank. Ideally, you should keep 3 female guppies to 1 male guppy. This way, your male guppies will have enough females around to chase and mate.

What are the best guppy fish tank mates?

The best guppy fish tank mates are other guppies! We recommend keeping guppy fish in a group no smaller than three. If possible, keep even more! Guppies tend to display more extroverted behaviors when they have a group to fall back on. Solo fish will feel vulnerable and spend most of their time in hiding.

What is the best plant to keep and breed guppies?

Top 11 Best Plants For Keeping and Breeding Guppies (pics) 1 1. Moss balls. The first plant on this list are Marimo Moss Balls, which are the easiest “plants” to keep in any aquarium. They are not really plants, … 2 2. Guppy grass. 3 3. Anacharis. 4 4. Water Lettuce. 5 5. Java Fern. More items

Are Anubias good for guppies?

Anubias is one of a few plants that produce flowers underwater. For guppies, the bigger varieties of Anubias plants have large leaves that provide a cover for them. The smaller varieties have tiny leaves that provide cover for the fry. All in all, this is a great plant for any aquarium.

Why do guppies have roots in their tank?

The roots that are used to suck nutrients from your aquarium water provide great cover for any guppy that’s swimming near the water surface. While chances that a bird snatches the fish are tiny, the floating plants will still give the guppy a feeling of safety.

Why do guppies swim upside down?

The fish start floating on the surface of the water and unable to swim properly in water. Guppy swims upside down or keeps tail high while swimming. A curved structure of the spine, as well. Low water temperature and over-eating is the main cause of swim bladder disorder in Guppies. Parasitic infection or other infection may intensify the problem.