Are algae eaters armored catfish?


Do blue shrimp eat algae?

Yes, blue shrimp will eat algae, although not all forms of it. If there is some normal algae in your aquarium, they will eat some of it, although they are not the most voracious algae eaters out there. They like to eat all sorts of meats, vegetables, and various types of fish food too.

Do Blue Velvet shrimp eat algae?

Just like their relatives, Blue Velvet Shrimp are great algae-eaters. They spend most of their time scavenging for organic matter such as algae and biofilm in the wild and will do the same in your tank. The average Blue Velvet Shrimp lifespan is around 1-2 years depending on how they were bred and the quality of care they receive.

Do ghost shrimp eat blue-green algae?

As ghost shrimps are bottom feeders, they won’t go up to eat blue-green algae. You’ll have to use anti-bacterial such as erythromycin to get rid of cyanobacteria. Do Ghost Shrimp Eat Green Algae?

What fish can you keep with Blue Velvet shrimp?

Any small fish that only eat micro-prey can be safely kept with Blue Velvet Shrimp. Neon and Ember Tetras will look especially colorful when paired with these deep blue beauties. Flame Tetras also complement them very well. Harlequin and Chili Rasboras live in similar water conditions and make very good additions to a Blue Velvet tank.

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How do I know if my Blue Velvet shrimp are healthy?

When they are out and about you will see them scuttling around the bottom levels of the tank and grazing on moss and other plants. You can even give them Marimo Moss Ball to eat. Then when the sun comes up your Blue Velvet Shrimp will go back into hiding. You will notice they tend to hide even more when they are shedding their exoskeleton.

Is Blue Velvet shrimp a good tank cleaner?

The Blue Velvet Shrimp is actually a blue color morph of the Cherry Shrimp and is one of the most popular crustaceans amongst aquarium enthusiasts. This truly unusual invertebrate makes the bottom levels of an aquarium stand out because of their blue color. Like many other shrimp this shrimp makes an excellent tank cleaner.

How much do Blue Velvet shrimp need to eat?

Blue Velvet Shrimp require very little food. When we say very little, we mean that one fish flake the size of a dime every day is enough for 10 or more shrimp. Overfeeding is a common cause of death, so do not feed them more than they can eat in two hours.

What is the best aquarium fish for a blue velvet tank?

Harlequin and Chili Rasboras live in similar water conditions and make very good additions to a Blue Velvet tank. Dwarf, Pearl, and Sparkling Gouramis are both small enough to leave the shrimp alone and showy enough to accent their colors.

Are blue velvet shrimp good with cherry shrimp?

A group of Blue Velvet Shrimp can draw even more attention than your fish. Their deep blue color makes them stand out against even the dullest substrate. The bottom levels of the tank will really pop with the help of these blue beauties. There is no difference in caring for this shrimp and a regular red Cherry Shrimp.

How long do blue velvet shrimps live?

Blue Vampire Shrimp: Blue is the most popular color for the Vampire Shrimp. This shrimp can live for up to 5 years but they are very skittish and sensitive. Should You Get Blue Velvet Shrimps? (Summary) The Blue Velvet Shrimp is a little wonder that can become the conversation piece of any freshwater aquarium.

How do you acclimate Blue Velvet shrimp to a new tank?

However Blue Velvet Shrimp are quite sensitive to water quality and can be difficult to acclimate to a new tank. The best way to acclimate them is to use the drip method. You should place your shrimp in a bucket and slowly drip water from your aquarium into the bucket.

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Can I put Blue Velvet shrimp with my Fish medicine?

Most fish medications contain significant levels of copper, meaning you’ll be killing your shrimp while treating your fish. In general, bringing Blue Velvet Shrimp into established tanks that have been tested is always the way to go! The diet of Blue Velvet Shrimp is very simple.

How many Blue Velvet shrimp in a 5 gallon tank?

Blue Velvet Shrimp should be kept in at least a 5 gallon aquarium. If you want to keep a group of them together then a 20 gallon tank will hold a group of about 10. Algae and microbes are the two main parts of this shrimp’s diet.

What is the best water temperature for my Blue Velvet shrimp?

We have kept Blue Velvet Shrimp in a wide array of water parameters with great success. Though they are extremely adaptable and will thrive in a pH of 6.4 to 8, we have found that the optimum pH is between 6.8 and 7.5. Water temperature can be anywhere from 68°to 80° (Fahrenheit), but the fastest breeding occurs at about 76° F.

What are the best blue fish to keep in an aquarium?

These aquarium fish come in many different shades of blue, including sky and royal blue. Guppies are peaceful community fish that get along great with other fish. The fancy guppy is a very hardy fish that is easy to care for and will thrive in just about any freshwater tank setup with hard water. 3. Blue Gourami

How big do Blue Velvet shrimp get?

Blue Velvet Shrimp grow to a maximum of about 2 inches, but most remain at around 1.5 inches long. You can easily tell the difference between the males and the females. The females have more vibrant colors and they are also larger and rounder in shape. While this particular shrimp only comes in one color, there are four different color grades.

When did the Blue Velvet shrimp come out?

While they were formally introduced to the aquarium trade in 2003 they first appeared outside of their native range as far back as 1991. The Blue Velvet Shrimp is a special ornamental color morph that appeared sometime after 2003. They are the result of selective breeding and are only found in captivity.

Can Blue Velvet shrimp live in freshwater?

Blue Velvet Shrimp require little care, quickly reproduce, and are fun to watch. They can comfortably live in a freshwater aquarium due to their ability to adapt to a new environment.

How to acclimate shrimp to a new tank?

But to us, the safest and most efficient method is called drip acclimation. It usually takes several hours if you follow the guidelines and include acclimating your shrimp to the water of their new tank but slowly. Instead of pouring cups of water as you can with most fish species, the water will be added as drips using a tube and a control nozzle.

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How long does it take to transfer shrimp from one tank to another?

Once the water in the bucket has multiplied by at least 4 times which normally takes around 2 hours, you are ready to transfer your shrimp to their new aquarium. I am a passionate fish keeper, with years of experience.

What is a Blue Dream shrimp?

Blue Dream shrimp should produce offspring that are similar to the parents. The Blue Dream shrimp that have the red color is known as the Blue Jelly or the Blue Velvet. Other shrimp keepers believe that Blue dream originates from Chocolate (Wild Schoko shrimp) and Blue Velvet shrimp is the result of Blue Carbon Rili and Blue dream crossbreeding.

How long does it take Blue Velvet shrimp to reproduce?

In roughly 90 days the newborns will be all grown up and ready to reproduce! Give Them A Shot! Now that you’re an expert in Blue Velvet Shrimp care, it’s time to pick up a few for yourself. These shrimp are low-maintenance and incredibly fun to watch. You’ll never get tired of that stunning bright blue!

Are blue velvet shrimp good aquarium fish?

Give Them A Shot! The Blue Velvet Shrimp ( Neocaridina davidi) is a unique freshwater species that is popular in the aquarium trade. Sometimes called the Blue Shrimp, their bright blue coloring stands out no matter what other animals are in their tank.

What size tank do I need for a blue velvet shrimp?

Tank Setupfor Blue Velvet Shrimp Being so tiny, 4 or 5 Blue Velvet Shrimp can be kept in tanks as small as 10 Gallons (38 L). If you have many shrimp or plan to breed them, you will need a larger tank. If you’re keeping more than 5 shrimp, a good rule of thumb would be to add 1 Gallon per shrimp.

What are the best shrimp for a 5 gallon tank?

Other options for a 5-gallon tank are some species of freshwater ornamented shrimp. For example: Blue Velvet Shrimp. Note: I would not recommend keeping most Caridina species in small tanks.

Are blue aquarium fish good to look at?

Aquarium fish can be spectacular to look at, with all their bright colours and patterns. However, blue coloured fish stand out even more. Their colours pop out even more when there are plants or rocks in the background.