Are African grey parrots easy to keep?


What size cage does an African grey parrot need?

The minimum size of an African grey parrot’s cage is 36 x 24 x 48 inches. They’re active birds, so they need a playpen top with a tray.

Is the African grey parrot the most intelligent bird?

Not only do bird keepers love this intelligent bird, it’s one of the most recognizable species to bird novices as well — everyone knows the African grey parrot. This parrot is one of the oldest psitticine species kept by humans, with records of the bird dating back to biblical times.

Are African grey parrots high maintenance?

African Grey. One of the most intelligent birds ever studied, the African grey parrot has an amazing ability to imitate speech. They can be wonderful and affectionate, but, like other large parrots, African greys are considered high maintenance pets.

Do African Greys make good pets?

African Greys can be great family pets (as we explain in this article) but if you want to bring an African Grey parrot into your life, be prepared for lots of parrot dust. Even if the dust doesn’t bother you, be prepared to spend lots of time cleaning up after your parrot.

Are African Greys intelligent birds?

Photo Courtesy of Florida Parrot Rescue It’s no secret that the African Grey Parrot is regarded as one of the most intelligent bird species on the planet. In fact, African Greys have even been tested and found to have intellects on par with human children!

Are birds the smartest species in the world?

Looking at all the species in this world, it can be safely said that the smartest ones majorly belong to the bird world. We hardly see any other species talking as perfectly as humans as birds do. This is the biggest proof of birds being the smartest. But, not all bird species are equally intelligent.

Are African Greys high maintenance pets?

They can be wonderful and affectionate, but, like other large parrots, African greys are considered high maintenance pets. While “greys” are entertaining and rewarding to keep, they prefer a routine schedule and require a substantial amount of time with their owners.

What is the lifespan of a grey parrot?

Common Names: Grey parrot, African grey parrot, Congo grey parrot, Congo African grey parrot. Scientific Name: Psittacus erithacus. Adult Size: Measuring about 13 inches, weighing just under 1 pound. Life Expectancy: On average, 40 to 60 years in captivity.

Are African grey parrots good at puzzles?

African grey parrots are the most cognitively developed parrot species. They can differentiate between shapes and colors. They’re also good at puzzle games. Domestic African grey parrots might have trouble reaching their full cognitive potential. They do best when raised and trained by an avian expert.

Why do African grey parrots attack their own reflection?

The marks on African grey parrots were placed on their necks since birds are blind from the beak down. When observing their reflection in the mirror, the parrots reacted aggressively and even tried to bite the mirror. The aggression got even worse when the mirror was placed vertically. The parrots would attempt to attack their own reflection.

Are African grey parakeets talkative?

Parakeets are among the most talkative birds, but their cognitive abilities can’t compare to African grey parrots. When discussing intelligence among parrot species, there’s more to consider than just how good they are at speaking.

What is the genus and species of the African grey parrot?

The genus Psittacus (African grey parrots) once contained a single species ( Psittacus erithacus) as well as a subspecies ( Psittacus erithacus timneh ). Nowadays, the subspecies has been elevated to the status of an actual species: Psittacus timneh, also known as the Timneh African grey parrot.

What is the average lifespan of a brown parrot?

The brown parrot or Meyer’s parrot is a species native to Africa, known for its turquoise belly and for being affectionate to their owners. The average lifespan of this parrot is up to 20 years, and are ideal for a novice pet owner that wants an affectionate, yet easy to handle pet.

What kind of toys do African grey parrots like?

Puzzler Toys:Some African Grey Parrots like toys where they can move a lever or chew a box to get a treat Interactive and / or “Noisy” Toys: Baby rattles, music boxes, shape interactive toys, wiffle balls, etc. Rope toys can fray easily so keep an eye on these for loose areas that need trimming and supervise the use of these.

What is the difference between African grey parrots and Amazon parrots?

Here are some of the major differences between two of the most popular bird breeds, African Grey Parrots and Amazon Parrots. African Grey Parrots are extremely intelligent. In fact, they may just be the most intelligent and most linguistically capable of all the parrots.

What is the lifespan of a Meyer’s parrot?

11. Meyer’s Parrot Lifespan: this blue parrot tends to live around 10 to 15 years in the wild but can live up to 25 years or more in captivity with the average being around 25. The oldest recorded Meyer’s parrot was an impressive 35 years old.

What do African grey parrots like to play with?

Chewing: Destroying wood is a natural instinct for your African Grey. Provide them with wood, cardboard, rawhide and paper. Puzzler Toys:Some African Grey Parrots like toys where they can move a lever or chew a box to get a treat

Will a blind parrot chew up a toy?

Even Libby, Carol’s blind Timneh African Grey, does an admirable job of chewing up her Destructible parrot-toys. Because wooden parrot-toys are meant to be destroyed, it is important to note that wood varies in its “crunch potential”. Some woods are harder than others to chew are.

What kind of toys do parrots like to play with?

These parrot toys can be PVC peanut holders, acrylic, leather, or coconut treat hiders, nuts imbedded in wood or clay, and food skewers to make kabobs. If you use foods other than nuts, dried fruits or seeds remember to remove the treat before it spoils, in case your bird hasn’t already done that for you.

How to introduce new toys to African grey parrots?

When introducing a new toy, do it slowly. If introduced too quickly, the African Grey Parrot will tend to shy away and very possibly never play with it. If the toy has never been in their cage and / or play top area, make sure they see you playing with it before attaching.

Should I buy a Meyer’s or Senegal parrot?

A novice bird owner might do well with the Meyer’s or Senegal parrot. Ideally, this bird should be purchased as a well-handled hand-fed youngster. Though this bird is small, its beak is powerful. Because it can live up to 25 years or more, a potential owner should think carefully before purchasing one.

What are the characteristics of a Meyers parrot?

Characteristics of Meyers Parrot 1 Size: 8 inches 2 Weight: 100-130 grams 3 Wing Span: Narrow 4 Lifespan: 40years 5 Physique: Medium size bird 6 Best suited for: suitable for apartments, suitable for homes, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds. … Plus d’articles…

How long do Meyer’s parrots live?

The average lifespan of Meyer’s Parrot is around 20 years, but with good attention and a love-filled life, they can be your friend and companion for up to 35 years. That’s why you should always give your best to eliminate harmful conditions such as the draft, high and low temperatures and overall neglect.

How to take care of an African grey parrot?

Play with the African grey parrot. Offer your parrot small toys in a variety of colors and textures. For example, African greys enjoy noisy toys, toys they can shred, or thin wooden toys. Offer a toy to your bird and play games with it to get it interested.

What makes the African gray parrot so special?

The bewitching ability of speech and mimicry and a touch of beauty, this ash colored bird has won the hearts of many parrot lovers. Here is a method for training African Gray parrot and be the proud master of this unique bird.

How to teach toilet manners in gray African parrots?

Infusing certain toilet manners in Gray African is mandatory to avoid a messed up home. The bird must learn to potty in the right place, which might be in its cage or on the perch. The moment the bird settles in an unwanted place, gently pick it up and put it on the perch or in its cage where it is allowed to potty.