Friend Requests

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6 comments on “Friend Requests

  1. Growinupinfl says:

    Wow we are friends YEAH, sorry about leaving earlier had a internet failure! I’ll be around tomorrow..

  2. eggrancher says:

    Thank you for the friend request :)

  3. RW: The GN Are you going to Monroe??
    I can bring you some squishy worms.

  4. Teenchik says:

    This is cool… If only I could figure out how to send requests…… lol

    • Just click anyone’s name. You can find people either on the regular forum or by searching through the “Directory.” Then, look at the upper left of aforesaid “Anyone”‘s name. You’ll see “Add as a friend” underneath the word “Profile.” Just click that and you’re on your way. :)

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