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Author Topic: President Taft failed on calorie restricted diet
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Post President Taft failed on calorie restricted diet
on: March 12, 2014, 15:37

In 1905, President William H Taft hired London based Dr. Nathaniel E. Yorke-Davies (diet expert) and a personal trainer to help him loose weight. The diet strategy they used back then was limiting calories and exercise. An eerily similar method still used today. Taft diligently corresponded with Yorke-Davis on his struggles and progress for 10 years. The letters lay stored and forgotten at the Library of Congress until it was found by assistant professor Deborah Levine at Providence College, RI.

It's time to end "restrict calories to loose weight" mentality. A century later Taft is telling us it's wrong.

By April 1905, six months after he first wrote to the doctor, Taft had lost 60 pounds. But even though people told him he looked good, he was “continuously hungry,” he wrote the doctor.[2]

We're only now learning lowering carb intake is key in long term weight loss. It's a pity Taft didn't have access to this information .

1. NY Daily News
2. NY Times

Posts: 43
Post Re: President Taft failed on calorie restricted diet
on: April 20, 2014, 09:59

I wanted to know more about Yorke-Davies and read his book, published in 1889. He knew as much as we know about food and weight. He knew weight was about carb, fat, and protein ratios and went into detailed explanation about each macronutrient for the layman. It's very interesting to note he did not demonize fat. He considered it necessary source of energy and even used the ever popular example the Eskimo people who thrive on a high fat diet. He states carbohydrates causes weight gain and needs to be moderated. Amazing isn't it? He knew in the 19th century what people in the 21st century is now starting to grasp. Well the public that is; apparently the medical field already made the connection with obesity and high carbs but couldn't really say anything. Ah, politics ~~

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