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Author Topic: Brazilian common sense dietary guideline
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Post Brazilian common sense dietary guideline
on: March 11, 2014, 18:29

The ten Brazilian guidelines:
1.Prepare meals from staple and fresh foods.
2.Use oils, fats, sugar and salt in moderation.
3.Limit consumption of ready-to-consume food and drink products
4.Eat regular meals, paying attention, and in appropriate environments.
5.Eat in company whenever possible.
6.Buy food at places that offer varieties of fresh foods. Avoid those that mainly sell products ready for consumption.
7.Develop, practice, share and enjoy your skills in food preparation and cooking.
8.Plan your time to give meals and eating proper time and space.
9.When you eat out, choose restaurants that serve freshly made dishes and meals. Avoid fast food chains.
10.Be critical of the commercial advertisement of food products.

This look familiar? It should. These concepts are woven into traditional diets but completely missing in the current standard American diet. Brazil is trying to help it's consumers return to traditional eating habits but not necessarily traditional foods. A rough compromise, to balance the realities of modern life with the sensibilities of tradition.

tl;dr - Learn to cook, eat home cooked meals using fresh whole foods, and eat with family/friends at the dinner table to control weight.

Food Politics
Brazil's Complete Guideline in portugese pdf

Recommended supplemental material:
Way Beyond Weight. It's like Brazil watched this video while writing the guidelines.
Out of the Kitchen by Michael Pollan

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