Drywall Patches Made Fun and Easy for All

IMG_6237No one likes doing drywall repairs but those unsightly fist holes made when grandma comes over for Bridge or Pinochle are unsightly.  There are paper patches with self adhesive backings made to stick on and paint but the outline of the paper is found to be lacking.  The best way is to repair it with spackle or joint compound.

We would like to thank Jason for sharing this with us.  This simple, cheap, and effective trick is an easy way to make a great repair.  Simply cut a piece of drywall larger than your damage.  Score the backside to size and break the excess drywall off being carefull peel the drywall pieces from the front paper.

Small to medium size holes such as doorknob holes and goldclub accidents can be repaired easily.  After the patch is cut to fit place a layer or joint compound or spackle around the hole and place the patch in.  You want an overlap of about 2 or 3 inches.  More for larger damage and less for smaller holes proportionally.

Wipe over the patch with more compound and let it dry.

Sand and paint.
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