Prepare Your Vehicle for Carsick Kids

Carsick kids are bad for a road trip. While you may not always be able to avoid itimage, there are some things you can do to help. When we are going on a road trip no one drinks milk. City driving and short trips usually give us no problems.  Its the long monotonous rids that get us in trouble. In order to combat it we keep the kids fmor playing video games, videos, or reading.  They ned to look around and entertain themselves with free thought.  We aren’t raising children to be entertained every single moment of their lives are we?  We shouldn’t be.  Boredom is good for you, and its good of them.  They need to think of things inside their brains and become accustomed to thinking.  And for a road trip, getting there is half the experience.  Looking at a screen you’d never see the guy with 42 barrels tied to the top of his minivan.
When all that thinking and looking goes south though theres one thing that you can do to save the day.  Hand them a preprepared gallon ZopLoc bag to barf into.  The first thing We do is make sure that it has a few drops of essential orange oil.  This help calm the stomach and brings a nice smell to the car.  If it doesn’t quell the rising request to expel the stomach contents it will help freshen the car a little when the smell of digested gummy bears and fat food comes up.
cartripAdd a half cup or so (or more of you got a big eater) of wood pellets fro wood pellet stoves.  A 40 pound bag is 5 dollars.   It is cheaper than having your seats cleaned with a wet vac.  The wood pellets absorb a lot of liquid and will help keep the bag from leaking vomitous juices all over your armrest or center console.  In a pinch they can be used to urinate in so remember this and take it into consideration when adding wood pellets.  The pellets expand ten times their size so don’t fill the bag up unless you want a peeper pillow for a ziplock bag. All in all road trips are great.  Take some snack.  Take some easy things to play with or to occupy time, and don’t forget the vomit bags.  Believe you me, you will be glad you did and wish you had when you’re on the side of the freeway wiping chucks of hurl from the seats and seatbelt.

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