Kusamono Plants

Kusamono are main focus plantings that are similar to the shitakusa plants that accompany bonsai.  Shitakusa plants should not overpower the bonsai plants.  Since shitakusa plants are an accent or complementary plant we will call these plantings kusamono, since they are the main focal point in these instances.  Shitakusa should be  in the proper proportion to the main exhibit and should complement the season and area where the bonsai might grow or be.

Kusamono are plantings that can be either a single specimen, a mix of specimens, in a  pot, or not in a pot.  It is the term that encompasses a plant that you look at in this form of display.  Sounds complicated but it really isn’t.  The kusamono dictates what the season or feeling is of the plant as well such as a lowland, swamp, mountain, or meadow scene.  You can display the figurines with them if they are the appropriate size or proportion as long as they don’t overpower the kusamono.



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