Skillet Diner in Capitol Hill

skilletWe met friends for dinner at Skillet. It was derived from a roach coach that drove around fixing upscale truck food. Like the taco trucks but different. Fried chicken, burgers, etc with fancy ingredients like bacon jam, honey drizzle, and the likes. Living in Los Angeles for a few years I was familiar with the roach coach that served good food. Working as a collision tech for what seemed like an eternity I also had my fair share of gut truck food that made you stay near a bathroom.

We got to Skillet and the place looked very nice and clean. The staff seemed to be all wearing plaid shirts. The aforementioned friends werent with us yet and would meet up with us momentarily. Because of this they explained that they couldnt seat us until all our party is there. Everything went without a hitch and we were seated.

I ordered the fried chicken and fried corn. The others ordered peanut butter and jelly banana marshmallow sandwiches, fried, a ginourmous salad, and eggs and waffles for dinner.

The best all around was the PBJBM sandwiches. They were toasted well, Texas style toast with a nice buttery flavor and the right amounts of fillings. The fries were pretty good natural type fries with sme skins on them.

My fried chicken was lacking the expectations that I had hoped for. Growing up in the South with grandmas fried chicken double battered and deep fried in pure lard and seasoned with however her unreplicable recipe is I had high expectations of fried chicken. The herbs and honey on them were a good pairing but the chicken seemed to be overly cooked and the batter was very dark brown and brittle and hard. It ws a bit too crunchy for my liking, nearly what Id consider hard and hurt the roof of my mouth like eating dry Cap’n Crunch cereal the morning after drinking too much.

The fried corn was fair. The fried corn is an ear of corn cut into 4 pieces of mini corn and deep fried on the cob. Im not sure if it was the corn or the seasonings but it was not as palatable as Id thought.

The pork belly I tried on the breakfast waffles and scrambled egs was pretty good. I havent had pork like that in a long time since I went to the German restaurant near Lunchbox Laboratory. It ws cooked just right, seasoned just right, and had a great taste that would go super in a pile of collard greens or turnip greens.

Overall I left feeling a little like Id been let down by all the hype that I d been hearing for so long about the food there. The staff was great and the place was very clean. They definately have a niche theyve carved out with the mason jars as drinking glasses and plaid shirts. If theres 6 or more dont worry about tallying up the tips, as they add 20 percent for gratuities automatically. It was a good experince, nice dining, but the food was not as grand as Id hoped for. Next time I go Ill find something besides the chicken and corn. Perhaps cooking at home with staple single ingredients has spoiled me as we dont go out to eat very often.

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